Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Into the road less taken.

I'm still a little afraid, a little uncertain, a little lost. About my vulnerable yet beautiful relationship with art, with myself, with the world.

But I know inside is a BIG soul, with lots of courage, lots of determination, trust and faith.

I just need to honour all of me, my feelings, my confusion, my questions.

Something gorgeous and magnificent is awaiting me in the near corner. I just need to keep walking, take steps after steps.

And it feels so real now. This creative journey. I know I'm not walking alone, even though at times it feels this way. I know so many places, every corner on this green earth, many beautiful souls, creative women, are walking this same path, just with the different dances of footsteps, experiencing similar wonders and asking similar questions and finding answers in their own wisdom.

I shall take a leap and join with them hearts to hearts.

To keep venturing.


  1. Dear Eva-no, you are not alone on this creative path. I know sometimes it may feel like a lonely path but there are so many other creative souls waiting to walk with you! How are you enjoying Kelly's class? It is pretty amazing and exactly what I had hoped for.

  2. I so agree! It is important to honor ALL parts of oursleves - especially during transition. We do need to be gentle and nurture ourselves as we stretch beyond our comfort zone and into the zone of our art, dreams, full potential. I know at times this means a bath, a nap, take out instead of cooking, tv, or reading a book, extra time with family - self-nurturing can so make a difference. Thank you for sharing your hArt and wonderful sentiments!

  3. Just keep walking my friend, you are not alone.

    Thank you for your sweet comments, I'm so glad you like my work!

  4. such a beautiful and honest post. love it. you have loads of people holding your hand on your journey! xoxo cristina (a fellow flier)

  5. What a wonderful post. It is so exciting to read about other people stepping onto their paths with an open heart.

    PS. I wanted to tell you that the blue you are using for links is almost impossible to read on my screen. I thought you might want to know, as perhaps other people are having trouble with it too.


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