Thursday, June 17, 2010

Celebrate your Inner Goddess

Dance in your Divine Body. (I dedicate this to all the big and beautiful females I know in my life)

For too long I've painted girls with skinny bodies. Because society is obsessed with skinny as the ideal standard for beauty. And I feel uncomfortable with painting huge girls.

I am not saying that skinny girls can't be beautiful, I am saying girls and women in all shapes and sizes are beautiful, and they should not have to starve themselves, or get preoccupied with fitting into a standard at the expense of their self-esteem.

The society is never satisfied with who we are, on the outside. And the society is oblivious to who we really are on the inside. Marilyn Monroe once said that Hollywood would pay a girl a few thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for her soul. It's sad that so much of that inner beauty is not acknowledged and treasured.

According to society, if you're too skinny, you need more flesh. If you're fat, you need to lose weight. Fat is an F word for me the longest time, but now I've come to embrace being that. Fat. I'd rather use the word curvaceous. It's a sexier word. ;) I am still struggling at times with my body image. But I'm coming to terms with my body, and I'll gladly say I'm curvaceous and that Fat can be beautiful too!

So this is my newest painting, I have not been painting for a few days now and perhaps it's me resisting to embrace my body as it is now. But the moment I decided to hell with the fear, I'm just gonna paint-I did a pencil sketch and the goddess emerge. She was beautiful and I am instantly in love with her. She might not be beautiful in society's eyes but she's pretty to me. It wasn't so hard after all. Drawing her was such a smooth process that I need not even use the eraser.

She's in my journal now, and I know I'm one step closer to loving my self and my body!

p.s. I hope every women could learn to love her body and see her curves as natural and normal; and that she loves herself regardless of her shape and size, and that she does not do excessive dieting but enjoys her ice-cream without feeling guilty. I hope she sees the goddess inside her and get in touch with her sensual side, dance when she wants to and feels proud being a woman.


  1. i LOVE, LOVE this painting, and what you have to say is beautiful and insightful...being a woman of curves, i have struggled in the past with thinking i have to be skinny(i'm 5'8" and hover around size 18-20)...don't care anymore! i do exercise and eat healthy, but i know i will never be thin. and it's ok.
    i'm following you now...

  2. Hi girls!(bevy too)
    I love your post too.
    If you don't love your body no one else will:)
    I find the more confidant I am the more people are attracted me. Not because of my looks but because I love me:)
    Great work.

  3. Fabulous painting! Love it and LOVE her curves!

  4. i am a fabulous woman, hear me rawr!!!

  5. and i absolutely love love love this piece, i really cannot wait to see 'phophi' (for some reason i named her that) when i get my own going to hang ur work and tell everyone about it...heee

  6. Eva, this is such a beautiful post!! I really adore this piece lots too and knowing the meaning behind this piece makes it ever more precious! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!



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