Sunday, May 15, 2011

Love's Pilgrimage-An Artful Dream Come True!

I am still feeling like this is really JUST a dream state- this wonderful dream come true of my first art exhibition with Alison is nothing but real! But I pinch my skin and it hurts, so it's indeed happening, and it's happening THIS coming Friday!

I have been so immersed in painting for the past 2 months preparing for this coming event that sometimes I forgot to be amazed by the fact that this is NO small thing for me! I have Jin designed the invitation card for me (above) and it turns out oozing with love vibes, as Alison claims it to be, and it does. THANK Q JIN!

I have to hold the cards with my bare hands and be striked by how real and amazing ALL these is! I have to sit back and breath and remind myself, "Eva, you're having your 1st art exhibition, this is BIG, this is after so many struggles and hardwork and prayers and hope!" And I'm truly proud of myself!And grateful. So so so deeply grateful.

Even at this moment of saying this my heart is overwhelmed with the strong waves of thankfulness that I am on the verge of tearing. I thought back at the journey that lead me to this point of life, I looked back and saw so vividly how each person, each opportunity, have pushed me to come to this stage. I believed in miracles, I do, I deeply believed that if you feel passionate about something and you work all the way towards achieving that, people and events run to serve you so you can have your dreams!

My parents who have been so cute as they become my most personal and trusted art critics, telling me if they think a piece feels undone or just beaming with pride and showering me with compliments whenever an artwork is done. My parents who have the patience with an artist-daughter who mess up the house with paint and who takes forever to clean up. My parents who have to put up with their child who quit the security of being a teacher and who instead chose the path less taken. I love you so deeply for being so supportive.

My precious friends in real life, kindred spirits of blogland who are always there to drop me a kind word about pursuing my passion and being on this journey!And for believing that I'm cut out to paint when I doubt myself! I'm forever and truly grateful.

And then there's the Universe who I know have been keeping an eye on me, guiding me through paths and leading me to walk through doors of opportunities, who sometimes really push all my buttons so I may be braver, surer, shinier and more powerful! It has not been easy but I am so grateful too, and greatly humbled on the way here!

Everything feels so right now. My artworks are ready for display. Alison is ready too. I have been hearing a voice telling me to invite her to join me for a joint exhibition and I'm so glad when she says YES to the invitation. It's such a blessing to find a kindred spirit who believe in similar things, and who paints too. Because both of us are at this phase in our lives where we are remembering to come back to LOVE everytime, we lovingly titled this maiden art launch of ours "Love's Pilgrimage". I paint of women, lovers, nature and animals alot this time to show we are ALL Interconnected. By Love. And almost all of my artworks have the moon in it, perhaps to signify a return to the feminine, the intuitive, the soft and vulnerable. And it is such a beautiful coincidence that the gallery is aptly named "Small Talk with the Moon".

Images of the gallery below. Such a quirky yet cozy little place.

I just feel like I'm embroiled in magic. Every loving thought is manifested into reality. I feel like a sorceress cloaked in modern clothes, and my paintbrush is my magic wand! I'm keeping the joy and feeling greatly enveloped in this love because I know it will bring me to even better places and even greater blessings.

And here's wishing that your dreams come true too, because you truly deserve anything your heart desires!