Sunday, May 30, 2010


is listening to your heart's whispers, asking you to create from the depth of your soul, from your barehands, from your vision, your imagination, from your courage, and trust, and faith.
Joy- is honouring yourself, your true nature, your dreams, hopes and your fears.
Joy- is learning that whatever you desire, if you are willing to take a leap. Anything is do-able. Anything is possible.
A really close friend, Charmaine, who has been with me throughout my healing and spiritual journey, pointed out that the girl in this artwork is looking back as though acknowledging her past, smiling at the lessons learnt, albeit the hardships and obstacles, despite the heartaches and heartbreaks.
She looks back without regret, only joy, and gratitude, for who is has become.
I really love her observation. She's always sharing her insights and wisdom. She observes quietly, always having ready something encouraging to say.
She's one of the rare gems I treasure having in my life. Her presence is healing, and I can just count on her to listen and acknowledge my stories.

Set your soul free

This painting of mine titled "Set your soul free" really speaks exactly how I feel right now, after taking the BOLD and essential leap to take Kelly Rae's e-course! My first online lesson ever, and I'm so looking forward to the learning, sharing, discovering. I knew it will benefit me on a deep soulful level, because I will get to know the artist/teacher/writer/blogger more personally, get to hear her stories and experience and sharing with the other creative souls that bravely signed up! I feel my soul is flying real high right now, it's free, it's happy, ecstatic even!

I know this is the start for something great, I can feel it in the air. I don't exactly know what it is, but I know I will bring whatever I learn in this course to a long way in the future that will make ONLY positive impact to my creative journey and this enthralling thing call LIFE!

I've been dreaming about participating in a creative community where we share our hearts desires, where there is a safe space to create, to be in touch with our spiritual self, to know we are able to trust to be vulnerable and unsure about what we want but move ahead nevertheless. I've been dreaming about such an opportunity for such a long time and now that it is happening it really feels magical. I know I just need to be open, get in touch with the inner child in me who is curious, who just wants to play, have fun and experiment!

I only have gratitude at this moment. I cannot express how full I feel inside.

I am opening my arms and heart to receive all these abundance.