Thursday, June 3, 2010


The cover page of my art journal. I wrote "I'm like a nother bird at this moment, giving birth to my artwork. Seeing my ideas cracking into real creative pieces, I feel proud, full of the joy of an expecting mum. It's wondrous". INDEED IT IS.

I am TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY in love with distress ink and rubber stamps. Tim Holtz is a creative genius for his inventions. I've been busy with my blending tool, getting my hands dirty on all 12 colours I got. I love how you could NEVER go wrong with the distress ink. He should have market it and call them NO-STRESS ink. =D Seriously, anyone could be an artist using his materials. There's just so much potential and freedom. I think I'm obsessed with the image of birds. Maybe it's a sign that I wish to fly so badly. Hence the signing up for Kelly Rae's e-course coincidentally named FLYING LESSONS.
I remember my art therapy swaps with Jin. The bird looks gorgeous but her wings are still by her side. She's not taking flight YET. Jin says the next exercise we are gonna get her to fly. I'm looking forward to another art therapy session.

That's me. I got Sin Nee to paint those words "I am an artist" on my hands and took picture of them. I had lots of fun teaching her distress ink techniques. She was enjoying herself so much she just got lost in the creative process. My first student!the honour!I was giggling silly when she took the picture. It felt empowering. To have those words on my body. Somehow it made the statement more REAL. I am an Artist. I am proud to own it. This reality. I am proud to paint, proud to be unconventional, proud to be creative, proud to be a faithful dreamer.
I am proud to be ME.

I like this angle as well. Me with the paintbrush. And I think I look pretty! LOL. I heart the new haircut, the hairdresser did an absolutely awesome job! We actually shared the same hairstyle-the hairdresser and I!


  1. Hi Eva

    How gorgeous is your artwork!!! congratulations of the wonderful blog you have created... and omg... i LOVE THE TITLE... it's very very special.

    I haven't written on myself yet... I do love the idea though... there is so much in Kelly's course...

    take care... and I look forward to sharing your journey,

    love Denise.

  2. Love these pics of you. Have a great time away.

    May your wings spread wide....
    Nic Hohn

  3. Dearest eva, omg i missed and didn't get a chance to wish you a lovely merry happy safe family trip!! New Zealand is truely a beautiful country and i am sure you will find alot of inspiration!

    Your journal is amazingly beautiful! I LOVE your gorgeous photos too! Loving your distress ink tech!! You truely is an amazing artist! Have a lovely merry happy trip and i look forward to see you back! Love to you!


  4. You ARE an AMAZING artist with a unique style and vision!

  5. Oh, I love that shot of you! Yes, yes! You are an artist! Your work is beautiful. And I love what you wrote in your next post about being kind to yourself and how you are the one the world has been waiting for! I needed to read your posts about feeling overwhelmed and then picking up your brushes and creating such beautiful work. My new mantra is "organic growth" as i tend to rush myself and get all judgmental. Be kind. Be love. Be the joy we want to see in the word. Make art and shine.

    So glad to connect with you. (And my dream is to visit New Zealand - I mean, home of The Flight of the Conchords, right?

    xo Lis


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