Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Card" to the chase- I am an artist

I am so happy, and before I stumble down from cloud 9 from being too high, I like to share with you the highlight of this week. Remember the painting below, it was painted (with heavy loads of love and delight) for my sister as a birthday gift in June. I love the painting so much that I decided to use it for my artist business card. I got it printed last week.

(The original artwork)

(Isn't this absolutely gorgeous, cute and delightful?)

Jin, my best friend cum healer/art therapist/breatheworker cum designer (you can tell he is insanely brilliant), helped me with the design of this card. (I used the artwork for one side of the card and my details, with matching colours on the other side) So far the feedback I got from my friends are that this is by far the prettiest name card they've ever seen, and they want to just keep it secured and safe in their purse/wallet. One girl says this is like a miniature art print. I am so so so flattered.

But I must not forget to thank Jin, he helped me so much in the concept of the card and the arrangement of the words, types of fonts and the colours combination too!

I feel like I am really taking flight now, the artist card confirms something for me, and is a reflection that I am moving forward, with alot of courage and blind innocence (which is absolutely good) It is a representation of my hope, my determination, my fearlessness, that I am serious about making my dreams as a artistic and creative woman come true!I feel like I am re-affirming my identity and feeling empowered as I look at the beauty of these cards and giving them out to people, and telling everyone "I am an artist, I make inspirational and healing art".

So empowering. Thank you everyone of you out there who have been so supportive in my artistic journey. Every of your word counts as they help push me forward.

(Veggie Delite sandwich from Subway)

Another thing I'm very proud to announce is that I've been having two consequtive vegetarian dinners since the full moon. This is part of an effort I've made to save mother earth. (More meat, more carbon dioxide output). I still do find it hard to resist the temptation of glorious meat but I'm doing my best. So far I told myself at least one vegetarian meal per day. Breakfast is easy. Because it's usually bread, milo or oats. But it's something more challenging when eating with family because we're too used to having at least fish or chicken to complement rice.

I decided to start my vegetarian diet per meal a day on full moon because it's the best time to release the old and start something new. I almost bought a chicken/turket sandwich because my mind was playing tricks on me, it says "are you sure Eva? You'll be likely to get hungry reallllll fast." So I told it to shut up and said I'm going to stick with the plan to go green and order the veggie sandwich.

Subway and The fruit store (right beside one another)
I was afraid the sandwich could not last, so I bought mangos from this fruit store beside subway (how apt for vegetarians!) I was surprise that I did not feel hungry after the sumptuous vegetarian meal! So on the second day after full moon, I went for a vegetarian diet again, this time I bought my stainless-steel container to take-away these,

Vegetables, mushrooms, beancurd skin. It was yummylicious, and I feel light after the meal and happy to make another meal vegetarian!I hope you Go Green with me and consider having more vegetarian meals with me! I am making the vow to be as Green as much as I can!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

You are... an Angel

Everytime after I finished any painting, I am so happy I'll twirl around the room, do a little dance, get really silly and say things like "You pretty little thing" as I shower flying kisses to the artwork. It is a really vain thing to do but I can't help but be really proud of myself. The sense of accomplishment that swells so full within and my heart enveloped with joy to see another beautiful artwork that I've made. Did I really made this? Was I capable of being artistic? And then the answer is right in front of me, there's no denying it, a new baby was born from my hands. And I know they are precious and beautiful because I have made them with alot of love, dedication and devotion.
I wanted to print a little note to say on the painting "I knew about your secret identity, you were an angel sent to love me" but decided against it because it's too long. And the painting is too colourful for anything else. Sigh
I thought the quote was pretty sweet. Was sad that I've to let that go.
My message for this weekend for my lovely readers is this, "I do know who you were from the start, you are an angel, you hide your wings but your loveliness and kindness shows".
Sending lots of love and hugs to all of you. Get rested and recharge for the week ahead!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Protecting Mother Earth

Every third week of Sunday is a different kind of family day in my household, because it is a day where My dad, mom, sis and I will wake up as early as 8am when everyone else is still sleeping and dreaming to venture into a day of Recycling near our neighbourhood. We will spend a few hours volunteering, and it is up to us which "department" we want to be in.

I realized that recycling work is quite "gendered", the girls and women will usually prefer sorting out papers, I think because it's the least dirty and it's not heavy. The men will usually sort our plastic, tins, newspapers. I've tried plastic before, I think people still need to be educated to wash their bottles properly before they recycle. Usually after a few hours helping out, my body will itch like mad and I'm super worried it's not some handiwork of unseen bugs biting me for its lunch.

Biscuit Tins and cans are organized into one segment. Plastic bottles into another.
My sister enjoying her music while she sorts out papers. Black print on white paper is segregated into one box. Papers with colour printing sorted into another box. The lesser the paper is written on, the more valuable it is.

My dad, he volunteers for the newspaper section. Me thinks he loves the dirtiness of it. Maybe it's a macho thing. He smiles to the camera as I snapped away. I love seeing him rush to help carry down old newspapers whenever a vehicle would dropped by with a bulk or two. I love his enthusiasm. I love this meaningful thing that our family does together.
I found treasures in the pile of papers meant to be recycled.

Amidst the many disposed advertisements/brochures/official letters/office documents, my eyes caught sight of these. These art pieces stands out amidst the black and white paper.

The one thing I've realized from the experience of recycling that we as human beings, create a lot of burden/trash for Mother Earth to swallow. As we consume and satiate our needs and (mostly) wants, we make tons of rubbish. With the persistent warnings about the natural catastrophe that Earth is facing and will be facing in the future, I make little changes in my life to ensure my carbon footprint is minimal. If one person does a little thing, imagine a hundred milliom people contributing to make positive changes to fight global warming. I hope that each of us can play a part. What you can do,
1. Recycle
You can recycle plastic bottles, aluminum cans (coke etc), papers, old computers and televisions. Do segregate them and send them to your nearest recycling centre. This act of yours help save the energy consumed in making new ones.
2. Buy minimally packaged goods
Less packaging, less waste
3. Turn off your PC
I used to put it in screensaver mode, but it's better to put it in sleep mode if you're going away for a short while b4 returning to it. Shutting it off is the best option when not in used.
4. Buy/Eat Organic Foods
5. Go vegetarian
It is practicing goodwill for Planet Earth and compassion for animals. I find this tough myself as it's hard to switch to non-meat diet suddenly. So I'm taking the option to eat vegetarian at least once a week.
6. Bring cloth bags, Say No to plastic
This everyone might be familiar. I love cloth bags with artsy design, plus it's fashionable and environmentally-friendly. This is hitting two birds with one stone.
7. Take away (In stainless-steel container)
People still use alot of white polysterene in Malaysia, I'm not sure how it is like in the US. I've tried to talk to restaurant owners about reducing the use of it and tell them it is non-biodegradable. But seems like they're only in it to make money and saving the planet is not on their priority list. It's sad. I think the awareness is still very low here. At times I really fear for their kids or grandkids, who are going to live in this planet far longer than them after they're gone. Have they given a thought about their welfare?
8. Use public transport or Carpool
The public transport system is not very well planned out here. So people mostly drive. The cars are too fast on the big roads. So bicycle is out of the question. I think our nation (Malaysia) depends too heavily on cars. We've become quite lazy due to that. I love walking and love looking at the scenery around my house, it has something different to offer each time. I think I could walk more, I think people could walk more. If they only realize the pleasure and benefits obtained out from walking.

I'm going to help raise awareness on Protecting and Saving Mother Earth on 7th August, for the first anniversary celebration of The Golden Space, a meditation and healing centre that I've been going to for some time. I am also going to have my first official booth to display my artwork and hopefully *finger crossed, sell them. Many plans that I have not execute yet. I can be such a procrastinator. Many ideals, but little practical actions.
So much to do, so little time. Yikes yikes yikes.

Last but not least, I hope you can do a little part, it helps sustain this beautiful planet we all live in. Much love to you and your family!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Interview with Beautiful Bev

I am delighted to introduce a fellow artist-blogger that I have had the good fortune to get to know through joining Kelly Rae's e-course in Taking flight as an artist. Let me present you Beautiful Bev who blogs at Her writing in her blog is always soul-nourishing and a comfort to my heart as she reminds her readers to have hope, faith, peace and love. Bev's graceful spirituality is reflected in both her words and her art.

Come check out some of her gorgeous and uplifting art pieces below!

You can find more of Bev's art to inspire you and fill you with love and faith of God in this link.

1.) Your work shows your deep love and faith for God. What kind of message do you wish to spread out through your painting and what kind of positive impact do you wish your artworks have on people who come across them?

Before I get started, I would like to thank you for doing this interview. I am so happy to have gotten to know you through Kelly's e-course and this community of bloggers. The message I spread out through my paintings is that God is a god of love, hope, compassion and in Him we live, and move, and have our far as having a positive impact, I hope that those who see my art find encouragement, support, validation, just feeling that they are important...

2.) What are amongst the bestest insights or lessons you've gained from joining Kelly Rae's 'flying lessons'?

Kelly's class really helped me deal with fear. Fear was keeping me from moving forward. I realized through a lot of what she shared of her experience, that I am just a girl like anyone else, that I can make beautiful art, and that people would want to buy it.

3.) What kind of action(s) has the e-course propelled you to take?

To really tighten things up with my Etsy shop, which I had opened before I took Kelly's improve the appearance, and work diligently on getting traffic to my blog and to my shop.

4.) Do you have any words of wisdom for those pursuing their artistic goals? What are they?

If you dream it, you can do it. Really. YOU CAN. A year ago at this time, I wasn't even making art....and while my shop is not going gangbusters yet, I fully anticipate that with the hard work I am putting into it, God at the helm, it will all happen in good time.

5.) What is your definition of happiness?

A deep, abiding relationship with God is my definition of happiness, for without Him I have nothing. He is what makes my life and all that happens in it possible.

6.) How does your family inspire your artwork?

Just through our daily interactions! I think through our relationship with our family members we are inspired...the emotions and feelings that come about as a result of those interactions often inspire me to create an art piece.

7.) Describe an ideal day of art-making you've experienced or wish to have.

For me an ideal day is one with no interruption, all the ideas just flow and come out on the canvas as perfection(nothing ends up in the trash!!!)...I have had days like that, but not as many as I would like. One ideal day(or two) I would like to experience, and have not, would be that of an art retreat. That is a desire of my heart, and I have been praying about it...

8.) Do you have a blogger(s) that inspire you? Do share with us their links.

Oh my gosh, there are so many, but check these few out:

Thank you dear Bev for letting us have a close glimpse into your art and heart.

Thank you kind readers for reading and hope you enjoyed getting to know a wonderful artist!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Have Wings, Will FLY

ART heals, and it does make a difference to a person's life. Be it the artist herself, or the person who connects to her art.

My dreams many years ago, if I couldn't make it as an artist, I'll take a course in art therapy to use art to help people heal their hearts. I worked part time in a healing centre call the "Angel Caster", where I was exposed to an art therapist which is very intuitive, funny and talented. My heart blossoms with the knowledge that art not only inspires people, but a trained art therapist can help facilitate to help a person get in touch with a wound and heal it. Art speaks a very unique kind of language, where words sometimes fail to do so, art is able to bring a subconscious or unconscious thought up to surface.

Above is the "issue" I have claiming my identity as an artist, the flower is how I feel about myself, colourful, yet in the stalk where my heart is, it's enveloped in brown and grey, connoting self-doubt and perhaps, fear. So Jin, my best friend who is also a practising healer, and my facilitator for that session, asks me to close my eyes and visualise all the colours I need enveloping me lovingly. After the short meditation, I drew a bird.

She is lovely. With the same colours from the flower. And the brown and the grey are GONE! But Jin was quick to point out that the bird has still a hint of sad and doubtful and frightful expression. He asks me to draw and paint another one to get the bird flying at home but I have not done so. I joined the art therapy class level 2 few months back. And I have not bothered to give my birds flying wings. Today, I thought suddenly this artwork, and this is in sync with Kelly Rae's words of wisdom "Taking Flight". So I took out my crayons and give my bird wings to fly.

And give her a sacred heart where her chest is, and give her a smile!

Jin (On the right) My best friend and a quirky + intuitive healer. He is such a compassionate soul.

Charmaine (on the left) Another gifted healer. Sweet selfless soul. She's a new mum!

Cornelius, my art therapist-teacher! Something we (the student) said tickle his funny bone! He laughs so boldly. Art therapy makes you get in touch with your inner child.

For those of you who might be interested in art therapy, this is how you can do it.
1.) Draw and paint your issue. Be it fear of expressing your true self, the feeling of lack, anger towards someone. Anything. Get in touch with that uncomfortable emotion. Use crayons to express that. I suggest crayons because it has a smooth and rich texture, making it easy for your expression.

2.) Upon finishing it, take a look.

3.) Stand up or sit in a meditation pose (Do as you feel comfortable). Visualise colours that you feel could help heal it pour onto your body like rain. (I like to raise my hands up as if the colours are physically showering down on me)

4.) When you are ready and feel it is done, open your eyes. Notice how you feel. Better? (Do the visualisation again if you feel it's not sufficient)

5.) Now that you're done, draw another picture of the new healed you. Take baby steps, one issue at a time.

Art therapy is very empowering, and it is fun to do, especially for people like me who love playing with colours, who breathe, talk and walk ART!

I've been brave in suggesting art therapy in a DIY mode, yet I know it's always far better to have someone guide us and point the way for us, especially if you want to go deeper into awakening your potential and healing any negativity that you might or might not be aware of. So I suggest it will be better if you do some research on any centres around your area that offers such course!
Art is so therapeutic, and I dare say artist are healers too in offering their artwork to heal the world!Here's wishing you a joyous and fulfilling week ahead!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Meeting Miracles

Do you believe in miracles?

I do, very much now. More and more so each day, a kind of deep soulful knowledge that miracles do happen to those who believe in it. My miracle has been given to me as various signs, and I hope to share them with you, especially the new creative and precious friends I have made from Kelly Rae's e-course.

Something that you might not know about me. I have been teaching drama to kids aged 5-8 for a while now, about 1 and a half years almost. This is my "day job", which I work on fridays and saturdays. We have this procedure in the centre that the kids must borrow books every week and return them the next. Most of the time, it's chaotic. The kids would grab the books and I'll record their names down. When they are done they'll return the books to me and I'll keep them back in the locker.

Last week, a boy returned a book and because I was in a rush, I shove the book in my bag in a hurry without puttng back at the centre's locker. I went home, and started to arrange my bag. I left some books on the table and started on a painting. Amidst a break, I looked up and for the very first time saw the title of the book shouting back at me "The story of Flying". I know instantly it's a sign to keep following my creative path. It's a synchronized miracle to Kelly Rae's e-course "flying lessons". I know-No more turning back. No more procrastination. I need to march on. I need to fly. The time is now.

The illustration of the front cover of the book. The aeroplane at its earliest stage. I am a beginner flyer. But I am not afraid anymore. I have spread my wings and is now taking flight.

My second miracle. I have been reading motivational books and have reap the benefits of these gems since many years ago. I have been practicing meditation which I believe is immensely useful to tame my monkey mind, to experience stillness daily every morning. I cannot start my day without these rituals, plus prayers and saying gratitude. However, the last few months I have not been on track. I have not been at my best (mental/physical/emotional/spiritual state) and I know it.
So I was astonished when my sister bought a motivational/metaphysical book on her birthday- "The Monk who sold his Ferrari" because she was not the type who reads these genres of books. I keep hearing a voice that I've to read it. I flipped randomly and had goosebumps when I started reading, (pg 83)
Author "To tell you the truth, I think it's about time I discovered my purpose," I said. "Don't get me wrong, there are a lo of great things in my life. But it isn't as rewarding as I think it could be. f I left this world today, I really can't say for sure that I've made that big a difference."
Lawyer-turn-yogi Julian Mantle says "How does that make you feel?"
"Depressed" I offered with total honesty. "I know I have talent. Actually, I was one heck of a good artist when I was younger. That was until the legal profession beckoned with the promise of a more stable life."
"Do you ever wish you had made painting your profession?"
"I really haven't given i much thought. But I will say one thing. When I painted I was in heaven."
"It really fired you up, didn't it?"
"Absolutely. I lost track of time when I was in the studio painting. I would get lost in the canvas. It was a real release for me. It was almost as if I transcended time and moved into another dimension."
"John, this is the power of concentrating your mind on a pursuit that you love. Goethe said that 'we are shaped and fashioned by what we love.' Maybe your dharma is to brighten the world with lovely scenes. At least start spending a little time painting every day."
This miracle of having something that resonates with my life showing up repeatedly is miraculously explained in the book itself,
It's an ageless principle called joriki in the book where if one concentrate every ounce of his/her mental energy on self-discovery and working on one's passion, the universe or the creative source or God will conspire and make sure YOU get what you asks for. I truly believe in the infinite and boundless wisdom of the workings of the Universe, I have asked for help to advance my dreams to be an artist, and assistance like this precious books flow into my hands and awaken my insights even more. Also, it was at this right time that I signed up for Kelly Rae's e-course after finishing the coursework component of my Masters and where I had more time and decided to take a break from academia.
The flying lessons has ended, but my wings are strengthened and I have made fellow flyers who I could not imagined what to do if not for their support and companionship from the very first day since the introduction of the e-course.
I am fully aware of my miracles, and I wish deeply that you become fully aware of yours too. No moment is ordinary if you pay attention to your surroundings. It could be a word of encouragement or wisdom someone said, it could be a quote from a book that resonates with your journey, it could be a comment on your blog post, it could be anything. And I hope you share with me...
What are your miracles? Have you noticed any lately?
And before I forget, if you UTTERLY need some inspiration urgently, I recommend you run to your nearest bookstore and get the book. Robin Sharma's The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, I am very sure you'll find something that resonates with your creative soul!