Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Celebrating my sis's birthday

My sister, in a pair 3D glass, we're all set and ready to watch "Toy Story 3" in 5 minutes time. The movie reviews that we got from our friends which were mostly positive prove to be true. These cinema seats are awesomelycomfy, they're set two by two, meant for couples me think.

Below is a painting for my sister, quite last minute to be honest, but not lacking in the love, joy and sweetness I put in, I love the details of the birds and floral + leafy motifs inside. It's quite ridiculous and funny most times when I think about how I am reluctant to part with my artwork. I called the folder where I keep all the photographs of my artwork "my babies". It is hard to part with these babies of mine, really. I'll make a hard to let go mom in the future. Dear dear. Also, the message I wrote on the borders of the paintings says "Happy Birthday, you're so sweet, cute + adorable that D birds find U irresistable."

I promised myself I'll paint more cute paintings like this. I love birds and floral/leafy motifs.

Where the family had dinner, "Mark's Place". Run and managed by an Indian father-son team. One chef who is responsible for westen food. Another Japanese.

The salmon marinated with wasabi is as good as it looks.

This is really the 1st time that I am actually, seriously impressed with my sister's choice of reading. She usually reads chick flicks. I am a spiritual books junkie. My favourites include Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat Pray Love, any novels by Paulo Coelho and Louise Hay's books on the power of intention and positive thoughts. So when she got herself "The Monk who sold his Ferrari" at Borders this afternoon I got so proud of her. This must be the first book that falls into the category of motivational/inspirational self-help book she purchase. She's recently finished her law degree and is unsure what to do yet. It's good to keep asking what one truly wants from life. It took me many years to finally become clear what I want (Which it to make art and make a happy living out of it), after having various jobs that clearly shows me what I do not want.

I knew she had a great day. Because I had. And it was as though it was my own birthday. I made a joke and said that my sister's birthday is a day where she has to do good deeds. And the charity involves buying items from my shopping lists. And she said her birthday might then be the worst day of the year, she'll be too terrified to leave home on this day.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Colours of freedom (Being woman)

(An artwork I named "Colours of freedom" that I painted for AWAM's 2009 calender's front page)

AWAM stands for All Women's Actions Society. AWAM is an independent non profit feminist organisation committed to improving the lives of women in Malaysia.

I was browsing through my collections of old paintings, some that I painted one or two years ago. I think perhaps "old" is too exaggerating a word, but when I look back and see how much I've grown I feel as though many years have passed. Time really flies.

I would love to share with every of my lovely readers my other passion besides paintings. After graduation, I was actively involved with women's rights work out of the urge to fight for justice for women in this patriachal system. I called myself a feminist and feels very upset when other women friends would question or (even laugh at) this new identity I claim. For me it's just natural, women have not been given equal opportunities in many things, our predecessors have to fight for the right to vote, women are still suffering from domestic violence, sexual harrasment at workplace, rape. Many died from female genital mutilation.

My passion in feminism got kickstarted when I was taking the subject (feminism) back in University. I have a very fascinating lecturer who always question our belief systems, and is trusting of her students' ability to grow and learn. She would question our belief systems about our bodies, our sexuality, our stereotypical perceptions about ourselves and the world. In the end, we know we need to move beyond these narrow worldviews.

(An earlier painting I named "Luna, Moon Goddess2" I'll be uploading Luna, Moon Goddess 1 in later a post, I think I was just too brave/bold to paint this and show it to the world. I have mixed feelings still. I feel shy showing these to men folks. I think I was painting this to see how comfortable I feel with female bodies)

I learnt to love my body more, I learnt to question social norms, I no longer laugh at discriminatory sexual jokes. I no longer think that women are the weaker sex, that their being emotional and nurturing is a sign of weakness. I learnt that women's power is a different kind than that of men, that women's awareness-though diffuse but is expansive, allows them to experience life and to express themselves differently.

Men suffered injustice too. I know men who could not fit in, who questions the need to put up an aggressive front and to act macho amongst their peers. I know some who are raised by single moms, and they know the depth and solidity of a woman's strength, and they don't want to partake in the discrimination of women.

I volunteered for WAO (Women's Aid Organisation) which is a sister organization of AWAM. Its focus is to shelter and help women suffering from domestic violence. It was an eye opener to work in there and I was learning from very intelligent and politically inclined women who know the ins and outs of the legal system of Malaysia. Yet even when I was helping out, I was always doing creative things for them, painting on donation boxes and decorating banners for protest or vigils. It was a different experience altogether.

After that, I was a tutor for the gender department in University of Malaysia. I was teaching the subject "women and work" and knew how our mothers and grandmothers worked for free. Housework is not paid. I am the daughter and granddaughter of women who are hardworking to the extent of being workaholics. They are disipline, persistent and dedicated. The women on my maternal side have dual roles, they are wives, mothers and women who helped their husbands out with their work. Sometimes, I think they have superhuman strength and imagine them with 8 limbs like a multitasking octopus.

Yet, the political environment of these women organization and the academia did not fulfill me. I realized that these avenue could quench my thirst for knowledge but could not fill a spiritual void inside me.

Only painting can. I know I will be happier doing artwork, establishing connection with women like myself and empowering myself by supporting them and grow together. I see so clearly now. I don't want to protest on the street, I don't want to be constantly angry and upset with the system and the government. I don't want to do women's work with alot of negative energy. Even though I have alot of respect for women who are engaging in challenging work like this.

In art museums, we tend to see works by male artists and sculptors. Female talents go mostly unacknowledged. If the traditional art museums did not acknowledge the creative potential of women, the 21st century women with artistic abilities are taking the internet by storm independently and maximizing its use to their greatest potential. I'm lucky to be riding this wave and I know so much can be done. Also, these community of supportive sisterhood is refreshing and precious. Instead of competition, I see solidarity and mutual support and generosity in offering assistance.

In being determined and serious in fulfilling my creative purpose, to make art that inspires people, to paint girls that speak of positive messages, in a way I have never left women's work.

My identity as a woman is more closely interwomen with my artist self more than ever now. I'm painting my experience as a woman, who is seeking to expand her consciousness constantly. I am painting as a spiritual and cosmic being, a woman, a playful child.

In following the calling of my heart, in being brave to be myself, I like to think I am leaving a path for my daughters and granddaughters to look up to and see it is possible to follow your dreams. A legacy of some sort, if I dare envisioned even more.

This is a really intimate a part of myself and I thank all of you for making this space a safe space to share who I am. So it's your turn now, I hope you'll share with me, your other passion in life that is not directly related to art.

What are your other passions that make you the unique individual that you are?

What kind of experience as a woman do you have that makes you ever more proud of being female?

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Hi everyone I've changed my blog url to sacredheartist.blogspot.com to make it consistent with my header. I'm applying the things I'm learning from Kelly Rae's flying lesson like a good o' student, which makes me proud. I hope all of you are able to find me!

I've also learnt the technique to watermark my artwork to ensure there's no copyright infringement. To do it, do visit http://www.watermark.ws/. It's super easy, all that is required for you to do is follow three simple steps.

1.) Manage photo (Just upload) But I think the maximum is 500 kb.

2.) Add watermark (Replace the text in the watermark column with your name or desired text)
I would recommend lighter colours so it doesn't appear to be clashing with your colourful painting.

3.) Process photos (And it's done!)

Usually at the end of the day before hopping into bed for a good night's sleep, I'll close my eyes and contemplate on my successes of the day. It makes a good closure for an entire day and I'm off to bed with a sense of accomplishment. This is a regular exercise for me. I will usually come up with 5 successes, there's no success too small or too big, everything that you think in some ways benefit you and others are successes.

For me, my success for this morning already consists of

1.) Making breakfast for the entire family.

2.) Learning how to do watermark.

3.) Changing my blog address to be in consistence with my blog's header.

4.) Writing this blog post and sharing this very empowering exercise.

I've always worked with affirmations, they're little sentences that you make up in your mind starting with "I am..." to make you feel good and empowered and ready to take on the world. You know what Descartes said about "I think therefore I am", our thoughts really dictate our lives and I've learned since many lessons that it's very true. So if I am going to live joyously I'll have to think joyous and positive thoughts.

It's okay if there's the occasional negative comebacks because it's just normal that our brain is resistant to changes. But with practice and more awareness of our thoughts all is well!

One of my affirmations that increases my self-worth when I'm having doubts about myself is this very powerful and potent "mantra".

"I am a success in every way."

I needed to do this often because I can be a hopeless perfectionist and I'm not good with myself if I didn't meet up my expectations or somebody's expectations of me. Especially at times like this when I'm feeling like a newly hatched artist-egg and my skin is not thick enough, and I would be agitated if there seems to be endless household chores around that it's getting in the way of making artwork at peace. Or the feeling that I'm not a good enough daughter for not helping out enough.

So counting every tiny accomplishments and congratulating myself that way keeps me sane.

What about you? What are your successes today?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Appreciate every little beauty

As I begin to take my creative journey with all my heart and soul, my eyes are beginning to be in constant seek out for beautiful things and to remember and appreciate them. This is the breakfast I had yesterday morning that my sister made for us, the ingredients might be simple. Milk. Cereals. Strawberries. Chocolate pieces. My sister is a very creative person as well, and she is a much better chef. I think if I am the idealistic artist, then she must be a practical artist. Same and different in a way. I learn from her that art can be applied to the most basic everyday things.

I realized how delicious the breakfast look and notice that this is of aesthetic value and quickly grab my camera to take a snapshot!This is the best angle after various attempts. It is little things like this which make me realize how important it is to open our eyes and appreciate what we have around us. Make the best of seemingly ordinary materials. Be able to spot the "normal" because it can be deceiving, because if you pay attention, you might just be able to create something gorgeous out of the mundane.
I think that's the sacred part of being an artist. To remind people to remember. Little joys.

p.s. And it is as yummy as it looks!*I promise. Do try this at home!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Celebrate your Inner Goddess

Dance in your Divine Body. (I dedicate this to all the big and beautiful females I know in my life)

For too long I've painted girls with skinny bodies. Because society is obsessed with skinny as the ideal standard for beauty. And I feel uncomfortable with painting huge girls.

I am not saying that skinny girls can't be beautiful, I am saying girls and women in all shapes and sizes are beautiful, and they should not have to starve themselves, or get preoccupied with fitting into a standard at the expense of their self-esteem.

The society is never satisfied with who we are, on the outside. And the society is oblivious to who we really are on the inside. Marilyn Monroe once said that Hollywood would pay a girl a few thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for her soul. It's sad that so much of that inner beauty is not acknowledged and treasured.

According to society, if you're too skinny, you need more flesh. If you're fat, you need to lose weight. Fat is an F word for me the longest time, but now I've come to embrace being that. Fat. I'd rather use the word curvaceous. It's a sexier word. ;) I am still struggling at times with my body image. But I'm coming to terms with my body, and I'll gladly say I'm curvaceous and that Fat can be beautiful too!

So this is my newest painting, I have not been painting for a few days now and perhaps it's me resisting to embrace my body as it is now. But the moment I decided to hell with the fear, I'm just gonna paint-I did a pencil sketch and the goddess emerge. She was beautiful and I am instantly in love with her. She might not be beautiful in society's eyes but she's pretty to me. It wasn't so hard after all. Drawing her was such a smooth process that I need not even use the eraser.

She's in my journal now, and I know I'm one step closer to loving my self and my body!

p.s. I hope every women could learn to love her body and see her curves as natural and normal; and that she loves herself regardless of her shape and size, and that she does not do excessive dieting but enjoys her ice-cream without feeling guilty. I hope she sees the goddess inside her and get in touch with her sensual side, dance when she wants to and feels proud being a woman.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Into the road less taken.

I'm still a little afraid, a little uncertain, a little lost. About my vulnerable yet beautiful relationship with art, with myself, with the world.

But I know inside is a BIG soul, with lots of courage, lots of determination, trust and faith.

I just need to honour all of me, my feelings, my confusion, my questions.

Something gorgeous and magnificent is awaiting me in the near corner. I just need to keep walking, take steps after steps.

And it feels so real now. This creative journey. I know I'm not walking alone, even though at times it feels this way. I know so many places, every corner on this green earth, many beautiful souls, creative women, are walking this same path, just with the different dances of footsteps, experiencing similar wonders and asking similar questions and finding answers in their own wisdom.

I shall take a leap and join with them hearts to hearts.

To keep venturing.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Befriending the magical New Zealand creatures

The Moeraki Boulders at the seaside. My happy face.

I am trailing behind our tour guide (Robert) for a surprise tour. We are actually walking along a trail underground. I feel like an adventurer because we are going to discover something really precious. Robert asks us to be very, very quiet. Can you guess what New Zealand treasure we're about to uncover?

Dear all, did you guess correct? The treasure we uncovered was the yellow-eyed penguins. There are two penguins here, a couple, one is sleeping and another one is keeping watch. Aren't they adorable creatures? My heart was in a whirlwind of storm being so close to these furry wild creatures. It felt surreal.

(Left) A penguin coming back from a day's catch. Penguins are very loyal partners.
(Right) The same one, calling for its partner.

(left) Husband and wife found each other. One is trying hard to catch up!
(right)Rainbows on the seaside where the penguins come back. Notice there are 2 of them?
At Milford Sound, we caught sight of playful dolphins. Unexpected guests-and I heard later it was not a guaranteed thing to see these ocean healers who lift hearts in people. We were very lucky. A woman in a souvenir shop later asked me whether I have made a wish, since I saw so many rare wonderful things, and I instantly did. I hope it wasn't too late.

Magic emerged.

The last sunset for me in New Zealand. My heart has a sinking feeling that I'll miss this country terribly.
And I really did.
I hope I'll go back someday, and be it soon.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Creative New Zealand

Edible Chocolate poo. The kiwi has a naughty + fun sense of humour.

(On top) Illustrations depicting what the
country has to offer.

The Creative New Zealand. Now don't get me wrong, this is definitely NOT the only facet of New Zealand. This beautiful country which its residents so lovingly protect and sustain, has the freshest air and the most original landscape due to its lack of industrialization. The country has 40 millions sheeps and 4 million people, making sheeps the majority of the population and its ruler of the nation (I'm kidding here). But really, once the airplane touch down on its airport and we start our bus tour, fields upon fields of vast green land and grazing sheeps with thick wool greet us.

1st day of tour: I snapped this picture of a sushi place in Christchurch (I will NOT want to eat this beautiful mermaid and I think this ad is meant to serve as visual enticement for its male customers) Very creative. And naughty.

This has been a really exhilarating journey for me because I went there without memorizing the itinery but instead let the journey surprise me. And indeed it did. I knew we were going to see sheeps up close, but I did not know about dolphins and penguins and the kiwi birds. It was not only when these creatures were in front of my eyes that I held my breathe and pinch myself to see I wasn't dreaming.

But in this post, I'm going to share some of the creative and artistic things that New Zealand has to offer. (and if I have time, I'll write another post about the natural aspect of the country) You name it-the beach, the sea, the mountains, the snow, the lakes. It's divine.

I snapped these in a rush at the souvenir shop in the Maori village. There were more paintings for sale. I wished I had the time to savour these beauties.

At the Maori village in Auckland, the second last day. I love paintings like this, colourful, vibrant. The painted subjects big and curvaceous. I'm not thin myself and I have always been in a constant struggle to love my body. I am very aware of the social system that demands its women to be slim which is the definition of beauty. Most of the time the girls/women in my paintings are skinny. I am attempting to break out of this mold myself. Courage. And willingness. I think it's a challenge to paint curvaceous women and to represent them and make them beautiful, it must come from a place within that accepts fat is beautiful too. And I know painting is healing that battle with my own body.

The sky tower we stayed in our last night in New Zealand. It's nearing the end of the trip and I'm feeling bittersweet. Miss home. And missing this beautiful country already.

A painting on the wall of the restaurant in Sky Tower where I had my last breakfast in New Zealand. How could I not snapped this? It's an explosion of colours before my eyes.

This one is an even larger painting on the wall. I am loving the BOLD outburst of creative energy!
This I found on the wallbehind the receptionist counter in the Sky Tower. Fun. And absurd. I don't understand art like this but it's a visual feast nevertheless!

I realized here is so much creativity that you can find around you if you only open your eyes and be aware of your surroundings. And I'm making a promise to myself to do the same thing in my own country, my own backyard and not take routines for granted. But look for the extraordinary and the specials in the ordinary. I'll be snapping more photographs because it means taking more time to smell the roses and not rush through the days blindly. I'm sure I'll be good at it in no time, am really loving how my creativity is spilling to different mediums now!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I thought I'd improvise on the quote I found from Kelly Rae's e-course

"You are the one you have been waiting for" into


because it is naturally so. =)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Be Kind to yourself

For some strange reason before Kelly rae posted her wrap up post today that this phrase went on several times in my head.

Be Kind to yourself.

I thought I'm doing a great job in getting myself so inspired and taking the initiative to participate in her e-course. I was painting, writing, blogging, reading and meditating and saying gratitude over and over again in my head. I tried to soak up and download as much information into my brain that it's fried. I thought, I want to be like her-creative, happy, successful, and popular.

I love visiting all these new blogs and seeing what everyone else is thinking and living. Their passion feels like fine, so raw, so exciting. And realized most of these women artists are like me, they are full of excitement, they are passionate, they are absoring all these contents and inspiration, their writing are bursting with new found energy.

And I will go back to painting, and blogging. And trying to practice all these things I've learnt all at once.

And within 2-3 days I noticed my breathing was inconsistent. My eyes were too tired from excessive exposure to the pc screen.

And I remembered the most basic of spiritual practice.

Love yourself. Be kind to yourself.

And I realized as much as I'd like to be successful, living the creative dreams that I envisioned for myself, being loved by this new artistic community that I've found. I know it's not going to happen all at once tomorrow.

I do need to take baby steps.

So I sat myself down and took a deep breath, and tell myself, (seriously, I babytalk to myself, these are the exact words) "Eva darling, you're going to be gentle and kind to yourself, you're on something BIG, but you are going on a comfortable pace, so take one step at a time)

And then my breath was more consistent, the whole sky suddenly opens up for me and I know.

I just need to trust.

That good things will happened for me. I don't have to rush. The creative journey is a lifelong journey. Because it is my life. And I take ownership of it.

And I just feel more relaxed, more myself.

And all is well.

p.s. I hope everyone else taking this e-course is treating themselves with gentle kindness and not be overwhelmed. Trust and have faith that this creative path will work for them.

I'm in Queenstown in NZ, cold weather. It snows today. Beautiful weather and calming landscape. I think it's good I'm taking a break for some fresh air, and this country is healing me and I know after all this rest, I'm going back to Malaysia with a new found excitement and positive energy. =)

Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm going to miss blogging and Kelly Rae's e-course from now till 13th June. Family holiday in New Zealand. Am excited about the trip. Be back then

Thursday, June 3, 2010


The cover page of my art journal. I wrote "I'm like a nother bird at this moment, giving birth to my artwork. Seeing my ideas cracking into real creative pieces, I feel proud, full of the joy of an expecting mum. It's wondrous". INDEED IT IS.

I am TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY in love with distress ink and rubber stamps. Tim Holtz is a creative genius for his inventions. I've been busy with my blending tool, getting my hands dirty on all 12 colours I got. I love how you could NEVER go wrong with the distress ink. He should have market it and call them NO-STRESS ink. =D Seriously, anyone could be an artist using his materials. There's just so much potential and freedom. I think I'm obsessed with the image of birds. Maybe it's a sign that I wish to fly so badly. Hence the signing up for Kelly Rae's e-course coincidentally named FLYING LESSONS.
I remember my art therapy swaps with Jin. The bird looks gorgeous but her wings are still by her side. She's not taking flight YET. Jin says the next exercise we are gonna get her to fly. I'm looking forward to another art therapy session.

That's me. I got Sin Nee to paint those words "I am an artist" on my hands and took picture of them. I had lots of fun teaching her distress ink techniques. She was enjoying herself so much she just got lost in the creative process. My first student!the honour!I was giggling silly when she took the picture. It felt empowering. To have those words on my body. Somehow it made the statement more REAL. I am an Artist. I am proud to own it. This reality. I am proud to paint, proud to be unconventional, proud to be creative, proud to be a faithful dreamer.
I am proud to be ME.

I like this angle as well. Me with the paintbrush. And I think I look pretty! LOL. I heart the new haircut, the hairdresser did an absolutely awesome job! We actually shared the same hairstyle-the hairdresser and I!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

C'est La Vie

That's me on the right, and my beautiful friend who I painted this artwork for. I was very grateful that she was beaming when she saw the painting. It is a priceless reward to see a happy and satisfied client! She was being so playful when she mimed an action pretending she's going to chew off part of the canvas. It's awesome to know she thinks it looks delicious!

My best friend from High School, I am so happy to draw this painting for her. She commissioned it. It's really lovely and meaningful to paint for someone whom I understand and appreciate so much. Now that's what I call a soul painting! Sin Nee has always been the sweetest, kindest and most understanding girl I know. In her presence you feel soothing and calm, she has this magical vibes surrounding her, exuding from her innermost being. She does not need to say much, but already you feel as though you've exchanged a very engaging conversation. She doesn't judge, she just listens. I am finding her more and more attractive because I know she always comes from her heart, and that whatever actions she take she always takes other people into consideration. I used to take her for granted in high school but now I see her for who she is, and I have come to love her deeply.
It has been on my mind lately that if she has not already embarked on the journey to become a creative and accomplished architect, she WILL have become a superb healer or therapist or psychologist. She is going back to UK/Perth soon and I'm going to miss her plenty. =< Maybe this earth angel has a mission to touch people's lives elsewhere.

This painting titled "C'est La Vie" meaning "That's Life". Sin Nee said she was very flattered that this beautiful girl is how I see her in my heart and mind's eyes. However, I think the girl in the painting, even though she's lovely, (I'm so vain =p) but it's no match for the girl that I know in real life. I'm so proud that she's going to hang up in her home in Perth when she goes back. Maybe this painting will work like a visualization tool, if Sin Nee is to look at it long enough and meditate upon it she might find herself working/living/sipping coffee from the coffeeshop in Paris's sidewalk soon enough!
I enjoyed the challenge of exploring and experimenting new mixed media techniques for this painting. 1.) Embossing powder and 2.) Texture paste. It's good to paint out of my own comfort zone, I'm reading Tim Holtz's books "A Compendium of Curiosity" and am thrilled at all these beautiful new ways of making art.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dedicating yourself to excellence

I have taken the title from one of the section in the book "12 secrets of highly creative women". I connected immediately with Lydia Shire's story, where she said it require her to spend her own money to go to France and visit great restaurants in New York to learn to be a chef. She said many people do not realize it is absolutely necessary to invest in your own future. Far too many people just spend 8 hours at work thinking that's ALL there is. Her commitment to be the best in her field paid off as she worked her way up to be the chef pf a renowned French restaurant in Boston.

I have eaten at a French restaurant once in Shangri-La in KL and know how particular the chefs are in preparing their food and how costly one meal costs so I understand where she is coming from. The willingness to make that extra effort to become better.

Making art is a costly business for me. I am working part-time (only on Saturdays) teaching kids drama lessons. I enjoy the interaction and dynamics of the lessons with the kids but I know painting is my true love. I used the income that I have from there to buy expensive materials to do mixed media artwork. You name it. Distress ink. Heat gun. Embossing powder. canvas. rubber stamps. The thing about art is that there is so much to learn, it seems the tools are never ending! Which is exciting but overwhelming at the same time.

Just when I have decided "Ok, I'm gonna sticked to distress ink for a while now" the friendly boss introduced a new material again! And I've to thank him for introducing me to Yet another fascinating technique and medium but I have to resist the temptation to buy buy buy some more!I have all these excessive creative energy urging me to create and experiment and it is so chaotic and pushy that I have to ground myself being splurging into regret!

I believe artists are fascinating creatures because they can live with the mess of creation, but the lesson to learn here is to have at least some sense of organization. I am committing to declutter my desk more frequently so I have the space to think, meditate, get inspired and paint! I am really not very good with planning and organizing, I believe this makes me a good artist ironically, but I am learning to be less messy, to develop some basic structures and rules for myself to be able to work more smoothly!I have been thinking of visiting IKEA soon to search for some boxes to keep my ever expanding art tools! Anyone with any recommendation?

Signing up for Kelly Rae's e-course is taking another step to dedicating myself to the excellence of making a unique, inspiring and different kind of art! I feel very proud of myself deep down for taking that initiative. This is the first online class I signed up and it feels JUST so right. I always remember why I paint- to remind people the too important things in life-that is, to always be inspired to do what they love, and love what they do. I wish my paintings offer people a healing moment, when magic happens as their heart remembers as I create beautiful art pieces, they're able to re-create their lives! I know it's a BIG vision but I hope my artworks make that happens. =)

I have been feeling rejuvenated to pursue my creative journey. I am really excited about learning from Kelly Rae and all these artists who joined her course. I think there must easily be 500 students and I just have to paced myself to visit all these inspirational bloggers who make wondrous art out there! This is where my patience is being tested, I felt there is so much to know and so little time! But I love every moment in this, each breathe is a meditation in the possibilities of making heart from the sacred space of my heart!