Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Creative New Zealand

Edible Chocolate poo. The kiwi has a naughty + fun sense of humour.

(On top) Illustrations depicting what the
country has to offer.

The Creative New Zealand. Now don't get me wrong, this is definitely NOT the only facet of New Zealand. This beautiful country which its residents so lovingly protect and sustain, has the freshest air and the most original landscape due to its lack of industrialization. The country has 40 millions sheeps and 4 million people, making sheeps the majority of the population and its ruler of the nation (I'm kidding here). But really, once the airplane touch down on its airport and we start our bus tour, fields upon fields of vast green land and grazing sheeps with thick wool greet us.

1st day of tour: I snapped this picture of a sushi place in Christchurch (I will NOT want to eat this beautiful mermaid and I think this ad is meant to serve as visual enticement for its male customers) Very creative. And naughty.

This has been a really exhilarating journey for me because I went there without memorizing the itinery but instead let the journey surprise me. And indeed it did. I knew we were going to see sheeps up close, but I did not know about dolphins and penguins and the kiwi birds. It was not only when these creatures were in front of my eyes that I held my breathe and pinch myself to see I wasn't dreaming.

But in this post, I'm going to share some of the creative and artistic things that New Zealand has to offer. (and if I have time, I'll write another post about the natural aspect of the country) You name it-the beach, the sea, the mountains, the snow, the lakes. It's divine.

I snapped these in a rush at the souvenir shop in the Maori village. There were more paintings for sale. I wished I had the time to savour these beauties.

At the Maori village in Auckland, the second last day. I love paintings like this, colourful, vibrant. The painted subjects big and curvaceous. I'm not thin myself and I have always been in a constant struggle to love my body. I am very aware of the social system that demands its women to be slim which is the definition of beauty. Most of the time the girls/women in my paintings are skinny. I am attempting to break out of this mold myself. Courage. And willingness. I think it's a challenge to paint curvaceous women and to represent them and make them beautiful, it must come from a place within that accepts fat is beautiful too. And I know painting is healing that battle with my own body.

The sky tower we stayed in our last night in New Zealand. It's nearing the end of the trip and I'm feeling bittersweet. Miss home. And missing this beautiful country already.

A painting on the wall of the restaurant in Sky Tower where I had my last breakfast in New Zealand. How could I not snapped this? It's an explosion of colours before my eyes.

This one is an even larger painting on the wall. I am loving the BOLD outburst of creative energy!
This I found on the wallbehind the receptionist counter in the Sky Tower. Fun. And absurd. I don't understand art like this but it's a visual feast nevertheless!

I realized here is so much creativity that you can find around you if you only open your eyes and be aware of your surroundings. And I'm making a promise to myself to do the same thing in my own country, my own backyard and not take routines for granted. But look for the extraordinary and the specials in the ordinary. I'll be snapping more photographs because it means taking more time to smell the roses and not rush through the days blindly. I'm sure I'll be good at it in no time, am really loving how my creativity is spilling to different mediums now!


  1. sounds beautiful, makes me want to also sounds like your heart is awakening...

  2. WOW Eva sounds like an amazing trip! New Zealand is really a very beautiful country! I LOVE those Chocolate poo lots and the gorgeous paintings at a shop in Maori village. Thank you so so much for sharing your wonderful and inspirational trip with us!! I am so HAPPY that you are back. :) Welcome back! I guess i missed you while you were away. hehe Have a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!



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