Monday, June 14, 2010

Befriending the magical New Zealand creatures

The Moeraki Boulders at the seaside. My happy face.

I am trailing behind our tour guide (Robert) for a surprise tour. We are actually walking along a trail underground. I feel like an adventurer because we are going to discover something really precious. Robert asks us to be very, very quiet. Can you guess what New Zealand treasure we're about to uncover?

Dear all, did you guess correct? The treasure we uncovered was the yellow-eyed penguins. There are two penguins here, a couple, one is sleeping and another one is keeping watch. Aren't they adorable creatures? My heart was in a whirlwind of storm being so close to these furry wild creatures. It felt surreal.

(Left) A penguin coming back from a day's catch. Penguins are very loyal partners.
(Right) The same one, calling for its partner.

(left) Husband and wife found each other. One is trying hard to catch up!
(right)Rainbows on the seaside where the penguins come back. Notice there are 2 of them?
At Milford Sound, we caught sight of playful dolphins. Unexpected guests-and I heard later it was not a guaranteed thing to see these ocean healers who lift hearts in people. We were very lucky. A woman in a souvenir shop later asked me whether I have made a wish, since I saw so many rare wonderful things, and I instantly did. I hope it wasn't too late.

Magic emerged.

The last sunset for me in New Zealand. My heart has a sinking feeling that I'll miss this country terribly.
And I really did.
I hope I'll go back someday, and be it soon.


  1. Hi Eva, oooooh looks like you had a magic time in NZ - I am so happy for you!! :)

  2. Dearest Eva, such gorgeous photos! NZ is really such a beautiful country and i adore penguins!! Thanks so much for sharing and have a lovely merry happy weekend! Love to yoU!



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