Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hi everyone I've changed my blog url to to make it consistent with my header. I'm applying the things I'm learning from Kelly Rae's flying lesson like a good o' student, which makes me proud. I hope all of you are able to find me!

I've also learnt the technique to watermark my artwork to ensure there's no copyright infringement. To do it, do visit It's super easy, all that is required for you to do is follow three simple steps.

1.) Manage photo (Just upload) But I think the maximum is 500 kb.

2.) Add watermark (Replace the text in the watermark column with your name or desired text)
I would recommend lighter colours so it doesn't appear to be clashing with your colourful painting.

3.) Process photos (And it's done!)

Usually at the end of the day before hopping into bed for a good night's sleep, I'll close my eyes and contemplate on my successes of the day. It makes a good closure for an entire day and I'm off to bed with a sense of accomplishment. This is a regular exercise for me. I will usually come up with 5 successes, there's no success too small or too big, everything that you think in some ways benefit you and others are successes.

For me, my success for this morning already consists of

1.) Making breakfast for the entire family.

2.) Learning how to do watermark.

3.) Changing my blog address to be in consistence with my blog's header.

4.) Writing this blog post and sharing this very empowering exercise.

I've always worked with affirmations, they're little sentences that you make up in your mind starting with "I am..." to make you feel good and empowered and ready to take on the world. You know what Descartes said about "I think therefore I am", our thoughts really dictate our lives and I've learned since many lessons that it's very true. So if I am going to live joyously I'll have to think joyous and positive thoughts.

It's okay if there's the occasional negative comebacks because it's just normal that our brain is resistant to changes. But with practice and more awareness of our thoughts all is well!

One of my affirmations that increases my self-worth when I'm having doubts about myself is this very powerful and potent "mantra".

"I am a success in every way."

I needed to do this often because I can be a hopeless perfectionist and I'm not good with myself if I didn't meet up my expectations or somebody's expectations of me. Especially at times like this when I'm feeling like a newly hatched artist-egg and my skin is not thick enough, and I would be agitated if there seems to be endless household chores around that it's getting in the way of making artwork at peace. Or the feeling that I'm not a good enough daughter for not helping out enough.

So counting every tiny accomplishments and congratulating myself that way keeps me sane.

What about you? What are your successes today?


  1. Hi Eva

    Loving the blog, so cute! Thanks for your note - Oia in Santorini is just stunning, especially at this time of year before all the tourist come. A good excuse to go back :-)


  2. Hey Eva, found your blog whilst blog surfing and wanted to say hi. Im also a fellow flying lesson participant - isnt it a great course. :-)

  3. Dearest Eva, so happy that you told me about your new blog url!! Been missing you coz i was trying to visit your old blog url! Glad it's all good now! I love your little ritual before falling asleep! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


  4. Thank you for sharing this exercise, it's a good reminder. i'm a perfectionist myself and I tend to be hard on myself, but I'm learning to let it go and I know this exercise will help. Thank you!

    I'm a follower now too!

  5. I use affirmations too ...well try to, but my mind always wanders to the negative. I am pretty great at negative! Your post has inspired me to allow in the positive more! ♥

  6. Dear Eva, Thank you so much for visiting me and for your beautiful message. Its so nice to meet you!!! Thx for adding me to your sidebar too :) I'm also a perfectionist & I'm learning to be more accepting. I like your method of using affirmations. Its also wonderful to see you bringing art to KL! I'm a follower now :))

  7. what are my successess today? is one of those days where i don't feel very successful...somedays are like that...i must be hormonal!!

  8. Eva, Great post! Such a good suggestion to end the day focusing on our success. Thanks so much for sharing that.

  9. Dear Eva-thank yous o much for visiting my blog! What a great reminder about affirmations-they are so powerful. I am going to try a few of them align my thought with the Universe.
    Kelly's' class is awesome isn't it? I am trying to set up my website...things are crazy busy here but I can see so many changes in all our classmates.
    How old where you when you visited India? I would love to take my little girl there one day.-xxx


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