Saturday, June 19, 2010

Appreciate every little beauty

As I begin to take my creative journey with all my heart and soul, my eyes are beginning to be in constant seek out for beautiful things and to remember and appreciate them. This is the breakfast I had yesterday morning that my sister made for us, the ingredients might be simple. Milk. Cereals. Strawberries. Chocolate pieces. My sister is a very creative person as well, and she is a much better chef. I think if I am the idealistic artist, then she must be a practical artist. Same and different in a way. I learn from her that art can be applied to the most basic everyday things.

I realized how delicious the breakfast look and notice that this is of aesthetic value and quickly grab my camera to take a snapshot!This is the best angle after various attempts. It is little things like this which make me realize how important it is to open our eyes and appreciate what we have around us. Make the best of seemingly ordinary materials. Be able to spot the "normal" because it can be deceiving, because if you pay attention, you might just be able to create something gorgeous out of the mundane.
I think that's the sacred part of being an artist. To remind people to remember. Little joys.

p.s. And it is as yummy as it looks!*I promise. Do try this at home!


  1. it looks VERY yummy and beautiful...
    there is so much beauty in the everyday...getting into photography really opened up my eyes to that...

  2. Oh my..this looks yummy!! My mouth is watering...I never would've thought to put chocolate...yum! I must try this!


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