Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Celebrating my sis's birthday

My sister, in a pair 3D glass, we're all set and ready to watch "Toy Story 3" in 5 minutes time. The movie reviews that we got from our friends which were mostly positive prove to be true. These cinema seats are awesomelycomfy, they're set two by two, meant for couples me think.

Below is a painting for my sister, quite last minute to be honest, but not lacking in the love, joy and sweetness I put in, I love the details of the birds and floral + leafy motifs inside. It's quite ridiculous and funny most times when I think about how I am reluctant to part with my artwork. I called the folder where I keep all the photographs of my artwork "my babies". It is hard to part with these babies of mine, really. I'll make a hard to let go mom in the future. Dear dear. Also, the message I wrote on the borders of the paintings says "Happy Birthday, you're so sweet, cute + adorable that D birds find U irresistable."

I promised myself I'll paint more cute paintings like this. I love birds and floral/leafy motifs.

Where the family had dinner, "Mark's Place". Run and managed by an Indian father-son team. One chef who is responsible for westen food. Another Japanese.

The salmon marinated with wasabi is as good as it looks.

This is really the 1st time that I am actually, seriously impressed with my sister's choice of reading. She usually reads chick flicks. I am a spiritual books junkie. My favourites include Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat Pray Love, any novels by Paulo Coelho and Louise Hay's books on the power of intention and positive thoughts. So when she got herself "The Monk who sold his Ferrari" at Borders this afternoon I got so proud of her. This must be the first book that falls into the category of motivational/inspirational self-help book she purchase. She's recently finished her law degree and is unsure what to do yet. It's good to keep asking what one truly wants from life. It took me many years to finally become clear what I want (Which it to make art and make a happy living out of it), after having various jobs that clearly shows me what I do not want.

I knew she had a great day. Because I had. And it was as though it was my own birthday. I made a joke and said that my sister's birthday is a day where she has to do good deeds. And the charity involves buying items from my shopping lists. And she said her birthday might then be the worst day of the year, she'll be too terrified to leave home on this day.


  1. Love the painting you did, those birdies are just gorgeous and the sleeves on her dress are awesome!!

    Micki x

  2. toy story 3, YAY!!! hope to take our grandsons to see it...of course, we will get just as much pleasure out of it...
    the painting you did for your sis is sweet...adorable!!
    you sound well and happy...

  3. i love the painting eva! ur sis is very lucky to have you :)

  4. dear Eva-your painting is simply FAB!! I think you should paint more of these and start your own Etsy shop-they are seriously CUTE!! And the colors are so...uplifting. I really hope you manage to get to India one day-It is a fascinating country. I hope to take Tara there one day-I don't know if my hubby can stomach it!! thank you so much for all your kind words you leave on my blog...it goes a long way. things have been so hectic here lately-with painting, class, setting up my website etc! I can't believe how these 5 weeks have just flown by! Big hugs xxx

  5. Dearest Eva, sounds like an amazing day!! Oh and happy birthday to your lovely sister!! I want to watch toy story 3 as well!! Thanks so much for sharing your day with us! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


  6. I LOVE the painting you made for your sis, I definitely think you should make more like this. I too have a hard time letting my work go, but then I realized...hey, I can always paint another one, and maybe if I don't put them "out there" I might run out of ideas and inspiration because I'm not sharing them like God intended me to by giving me this gift.


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