Saturday, September 25, 2010

Living courage

Reading Jen Lemen's writings and musings on her blog have always been my nourishment for the soul. And everytime she offers in her words wisdom that only comes with experience and living authentically, from the highest of truth.

Her post on 13th September grounds me to contemplate on my life lately. In her very words, "Courage is required...."

"when you know you need to be honest
when you have to make a choice between an old destructive way of thinking and a new healthier one
when you have to go to the dentist and you know she’ll know you haven’t flossed in forever
when you realize it’s time to let go of an old grievance that’s been helping you feel cozy and safe
when you know you need to drink, eat, obsess, etc. less
when you’re about to break the rules
when you need to try anything new
when you are about to assume more responsibility
when you’re trying on bathing suits or looking in full length mirrors of any kind
when you’re deciding to actually try to look pretty
when you’re owning up to having hurt someone you love
when you’re writing a new script for your future
when you’re deciding to trust someone who hurt you in the past
when you’re deciding to let the love all the way in
whenever you’re taking a chance
whenever you’re choosing to forgive
whenever you’re deciding to trust yourself
whenever you head out on a brand new path
whenever you need to say goodbye
or whenever life asks you to start all over again"

Everything resonates. I have been living from two places recently, swaying from fear to courage, courage to fear. I am making the conscious choice to be brave, and I am truly appreciating that I can be brave, that I am brave, and enjoying the rewards from making decisions based on honoring my own truth.

I am courageous, because

I have been telling my loved ones to drop the need to hold on to the past, to embrace the present, to let go of the drama, and instead live in the now.

I told someone very precious to me that he has the power to re-create his life, but first he must stop telling himself things that till so far has create only a painful reality for him. Telling himself that he is alienated from everyone else around him is very far from the truth. I reminded him that he is very loved.

I said goodbye to someone that was very dear to me, because holding on was not serving both of us. I have truly learned the meaning that when you love someone you're not afraid to let that person go. Because on a deep soulful level you know that unconditional love binds people together in a non-attached way. Nobody we love so truly will ever "leave" us.

I am owning up that I am deserving of love, and of true happiness and the best things that the Universe can offer, and is generous to offer.

I am opening myself to be honest to people, sharing my lessons and insights from my experiences with shadows.

I am throwing out my hands widely and telling the Universe that I am willing to offer its abundance because I am ready!

I am inviting new people to my life, people from all walks of life, people sharing the same passion and interests!

I am starting a new life, writing a new chapter!

I am re-learning to love my curvaceous body and buying myself more flattering dresses to be in touch with my body, sensuality and femininity!

(Me donning a new dress, after making the promise to myself to consciously get in touch with my inner goddess more =), wearing dresses make me feel pretty and happy, something that pants and trousers cannot successfully do!)

I am setting boundaries and saying no to situations and people that overwhelm me, not because I am selfish but because I know we can all come from a higher, more joyous place!

I am taking art to another whole new level, and I'm just not talking about techniques, I felt that I have a much clearer voice because I have come so far and has much more valuable gems to share, and I'm not shy to be heard!

Of course, the path is not always easy especially when one needs to cut the fear and move on with the bravery! Fear is a ferocious dragon who spurts fire maliciously, but inside us we have just the right sword to slay off its head. I believe the chances of winning is always 100%, it is not overconfidence, but faith, that we just believe we can do it!

How about you? What are the acts of courage that you've been performing lately? Have you been struggling to slay the dragons of fear? What is your dragons about? I'll love to hear you share them in the comment section or in your blog?


  1. Dearest Eva, i am soo proud of you sweet friend for pratising your courage! I totally understand that it's not easy to let go but sometimes letting go allows us to grow. It takes preactise for me to let go of certain things. Thanks so much for sharing Jen Lemen's writings ~ it's very inspring.
    You loook soo gorgeous in that dress!! I am a huge fan of dresses. I recely practised my courage by submitting my work to poppytalk again. I have submitted a few times in the pass but was never lucky....i decided to give it try again. This time, i made it! :) Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


  2. Dear Eva-what an absolutely wonderFULL post my friend! I love your guts and open-ness, your courage and love, your wisdom and vulnerability. I love your words and the way you have expressed these deep emotions (I think) we all have. You are on the right path and are soaring! I can't wait to see your new paintings!
    My dragons right now...overwhelm and doing too much! I think I just need to slow down and take it easy for a while. It is difficult but necessary to rest and rejuvenate. xxx

  3. A beautiful post, Eva. Wow! I needed to hear what you have to say - thank you for pouring yourself out here!

  4. Dearest sweet eva, came to see how you are doing....i hope all is well and good for you! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU!


  5. Dear Eva-sorry you have not had much time to paint lately but...I think that all of our experiences are important. when I can't paint...I try to read lots of art/creativity books or try other creative activities. Sending you lots of love xxx


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