Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hi peeps,

I have not been posting consistently and more frequently due to many changes that I was going through, is still going through and hopefully, will be more benign and a smoother ride in the near future. I have moved out and now, officially, have a place of my own. It is a rocky transition but nevertheless one that empowers me. I learn to balance between taking things as it comes and making decisions that are fruitful and attempt to surrender my worries as best as I could

Amidst all these major transformation, I have found many things that are worth celebrating and to be grateful for. I believe so much that if we focus on the good, the good and better will keep coming our way.

One of the best thing is that I've made an international transaction, YAY! I sold my first painting overseas to someone living in Jakarta, Indonesia. Remember my first art display that happened not long ago? I followed my intuition to put up a booth selling my paintings not knowing what to expect and manage to make my biggest sale so far! The painting "shaman" is by far the biggest artwork and the most personal one in my collection. I learnt how to use the courier service and how to do western union transation. This is very beneficial as I am sure when I start to sell my artwork on etsy I'll be needing this experience.

The buyer, Sanjay, really loves the painting, he felt connected when he sees it. I saw the amazement in his eyes and felt amazed myself, I asked myself rhetorically whether something I painted is able to arouse such strong feelings! Look at his namecard, he is donned in an red indian outfit. He calls himself the "Chief of Happiness" and conducts seminars on positive thinking and beliefs. I love the copywriting of his business card, notice Blood type, it's B+ (Be positive, it's in my blood), it's funny and brilliant. And then I remember that's my blood type too!What a lovely coincidence, I never thought of my bloodtype that way! It's good to know!

Elaine, who is also an emerging artist and a new friend, has contacted me and asked me whether I'm open to joining an art festival that is happening this weekend. The "Art for Grabs" event has always been one art event where I've attended ever since I knew about its existence. Everytime I go I'll be thinking when it's my turn. I think it's my inner perfectionist that is in the way. I said yes to Elaine even though I didn't have that many artwork. And there's also the limitation that all art pieces on sale must be below RM 100.

There is something fascinating about collaborating in project like this with someone as new to it as me. It's our first time doing this. We are totally clueless about many things, especially how to display our booth. So fas we got the chairs, tables, cloth.

I tried to make as many small paintings for the event. Below is the "Faery of Courage", I have been contemplating alot on being brave, standing up for my beliefs now that I'm on my new path. Sometimes when there are so many uncertainties, courage and blind faith is something I learn that I must summed up to brave the strong waves (notice the flyer)!
Another piece that I did today, I applied the techniques in Kelly rae's "taking flight" and this is the result! It's call "Spread your wings". I am trying to figure out whether I like the painting, hmmmm, I think I am doubtful because the girl looks like she's tired (I think I am feeling that and unconsciously painted that state) Or is she looking zen?
This is my first "messy" painting. I am learning to get use to it! And be okay with chaos and disorder!
I am actually having a flu today, and is drinking alot of water to recover, had Indian remedies to cure it (a friend gave them to me) I hope by tomorrow I'll wake up to a healthy and flu-less me!
Sending lots of love and well-wishes for my readers/ kindred spirits to keep embarking your creative journey, and take rest when you're unwell. I need to listen to my own advice =)


  1. Dear Eva, Thinking of you as you enter a new chapter of your life & wishing you well. Congrats on your first overseas sale! I was so happy for you as I read your post that I got the shivers as I read about the connection that your buyer had with the painting! And I LOVE your paintings too, especially the animals. Good luck with the Art Festival. Looking forward to reading about it! xo

  2. Dear Eva ...CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!!! HUGE!! There are just so many positive things going on in your life right now...I am so happy for you...and so proud of you. way to go! I think your painting (that you sold to Sanjay) is amazing. And yes, I love his card (especially the B+) that is just too much! I LOVE it. I can't wait to hear (and see pics) of your art sow. Just take it one step at a time. I think Kelly covered craft shows in her class...on what to take, how to set up a booth etc. Or you can google it. You will do fantastic. xxx

  3. P.S. LOVE the fairy painting...it is perfect:)

  4. Hi, Eva !
    Congrats on your first international transaction ! I got so excited reading your blog today =) Lovely things ! I hope your moving out settles and everything to go well. B+ is hilarious and his name card is really brilliant! Wishing you more luck & blessings !!

  5. Deareast sweet eva, i am feeling so happy and excited reading your post! So many changes and so many wonderful news! A HUGE congrats to all the positive things going on in your life. I really adore your gorgeous new paintings...so much details and gorgeous colors! I'll be thinking of you. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!



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