Sunday, September 5, 2010

I was tagged by sweet Soraya who blogs here. I learnt abit about myself as I was attempting to answer these questions!

1. Are you a dog person or a cat person? Both? Neither?

I like the elegance and mystery of the feline creatures. But I love love love dogs, even though I have never owned any, I think the saying about them being "man's (and woman's) best friend is absolutely correct! I love how they just express their love for anyone so unconditionally, the wagging of the tail, the happy bark, the wiggling of the tongue, the delightful jumping up on hindlegs to greet you! I am most certain I'm getting one as a pet in the near future when I have enough space for one, and enough extra finances to feed one!

2. If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be? What would you do?

This is so difficult! I had love to go anywhere where there are abundance of culture and nature, best if its combine. Would love to go for some sort of meditation retreat to places like Egypt, Bali, Cambodia, India, Hawaii. I have been to Egypt, Bali and India on a tour with my family, would love to go again on a spiritual pilgrimage. I am drawn to places of worship, no matter if it's a temple, synagogue or a church, spiritual places fascinate me.
3. What is your fave home cooked meal?

My mum's curry chicken. it is absolutely delicious when eaten with baguette.

4. Your perfect evening is...

Watching the sunset from the balcony, soft jazzy music playing in the background, snuggling up to a good book, sipping from a cup of green tea latte, candles burning, the room smelling of lavender oil. Better if the evening is shared cuddling with a loved one, completely immersed in enjoying the company of each other in quiet bliss, letting the evening slowly melting into night time.

5. If you could be anyone in history for one day, who would you pick and why?

Hmmmmm. Another difficult one. There are so many people I admire and wish I could emulate their lives, passion, genius, wisdom and philosophy! Most of them women. I am in awe with the talented Canadian writer Margaret Atwood (still living) and Virginia Woolf (I would love to experience being her and heal her from suicidal inclination), have high respect for the compassionate Mother Theresa who changed the world with her love for humanity and her tireless effort to help the sick and the poor. I am not sure whether goddess figures like Athena, Aphrodite, Isolt, Isis, Hathor, Saraswati are real or legend, but I'd like to be them and stand in their power to know how it is like to be 100% woman and so empowered in their femininity. I would love to experience being a sorceress and perform magic rituals too! Magic has always fascinate me!

But for now, I'd like to be Susan Seddon Boulet, who paints breathtaking artwork of mythical legends and characters. Her painting is magic, usually when I look at them I felt as if the characters are moving and they're coming out from the canvas to touch my being. You should check her out, her artwork inspire me greatly! I had love to experience what is it like to be this immensely talented woman, how does her mind work? What are her world views? What are her passion?

6. A quality you admire most in others...?

Courage, compassion, wisdom, humour, gratitude


Judgemental, bitter, angry, negativity

7. The scariest thing about ageing...

Is to regret causing hurt to someone I deeply love and never having the chance to say sorry and not having told someone you love them enough

8. At the end of your life, what is the one thing you will regret never having tried?

Singing on a stage and getting a standing ovation! I have always dreamt of singing to a public crowd and touching people's hearts with my voice and conquering the fear of singing in front of people that I know and don't know. I felt it is a more difficult dream to pursue than my artist dream because even though I know I've a nice voice but it's not steady. Perhaps I can take vocal lessons to perfect my voice!

Thank you Soraya for your reminder that (in her words) "*Psst...maybe you can take a few tiny steps toward that dream today so there will be no regrets later:) " It has been fun, fun, fun to share bits and pieces of me!


  1. Dear Eva-thank you so much for participating in my TAGGED questions. I certainly feel as if I know you so much better now. Dogs are SUPER great! I used to think I was a cat person...until I got a dog:) They truly are your best friend..always happy to see you and LOVE LOVE LOVE! When Tara gets older...we will get a dog for sure! you have been to India? And Egypt? (me too).. and they are both so fascinating...full of art, spirit, history. Have you been to Batu Caves in KL? Once you get up those is a very spiritual place... a bit hectic too.
    I loved reading about your perfect described it so perfectly..I could feel as if I were there!! That sounds like magic...especially if you add the chix curry:) I love Atwood too (in Canada we are introduced to her work very early on). Also...I have seen this artist's works before and yes...they are breathtaking. Does she have a blog I wonder?...Eva-I had no idea you would like to sing!!! I certainly think that you should take voice lessons...and start small ...but keep painting too. One will lend the other courage...I promise:) Thank you so much for playing along...I really enjoyed reading your answers:)

  2. Dearest Eva, this is such a fun post and it's wonderful to get to know you better! I really really enjoy reading it. Thank you so much for your wonderful offerings of love and healing for my brother. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


  3. hey, i see we have few things in common. i am so out of the art circle, have no idea who are the artists you mentioned.


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