Monday, September 20, 2010

"Arts for Grabs" event

Last two days, Saturday and a Sunday, was when me and 2 friends, listened to our gut and proceeded to rent a booth at the "Arts for Grabs" event. We rented the place for just RM100 for two days, shared by three, that's around USD 32. It's super cheap if you ask me. It was the first time ever for 3 of us to participate in such an art bazaar, I jokingly called it our virgin exhibition.

It was really a great learning experience. Because of the limited wall space, me and Elaine, another artist, bombarded the wall with both our artworks.

(I think we look gorgeous together, I am so so vain for saying this but couldn't resist!)
Meet the artists! Elaine Wong (left) is coincidentally with the same name as my younger sister. She paints motifs and patterns and flowers and swirly curls. She uses colours rather boldly. I am so so so proud of her, she took a month leave from her day job to spend time solely to paint. You can check out her work at here. On the right is another Eva, such a coincidence, she does svarovski crystal earrings, pendants, suncatchers in the shape of angels. Gorgeous things.
Elaine's work (above)

I snapped this picture when our little humble corner suddenly is filled with potential customer. Sure looks busy! The flow of people was slow though, maybe because they didn't advertise and promote the event enough. Most of the people who came are supporters and friends of the vendors, artsy people, who do theatre, art, who are activist. The general public is not exposed to it yet! But it still is good exposure for emerging artists like us!

I sold one of my original artwork. "Spread your wings" Catherine is a friend who makes yummylicious cupcakes. She said she absolutely love the colours combination. I am so happy that she loves it because this is the first time I am attempting this style! My art is finally, being grabbed!

I am a fan of artworks on owl. I couldn't resist and bought three artworks from this sweet lady. All originals. She said she painted them when she was pregnant with her first child, and that was 12 years ago and she always felt reluctant to sell them. I am such a lucky owner of her artwork!

It was a splendid learning experience, I felt so so so blessed. In a way I felt we were guided to do this, and everything went smooth and well. We got assistance to carry tables, and made new contacts and friends. More people know I paint and they have ONLY nice and encouraging words to say. The other vendors are so gifted and friendly, they was not the least reluctant to share the techniques and the secret of their crafts! I hope we could run into one another in other art bazaars.

I have alot of gratitude fro Elaine for asking me to collaborate with her and initiating this 1st step (she is such a brave soul!), and Eva for just being who she is and charming people with her openness, positive energy and vibrance. Our booth was the first one (nearest to the entrance) and made quite an impression! Especially when we introduced ourselves, our names all start with Es!

I am just keeping this feeling of fullness and joy and carry it to my painting! Life is good, it's great actually! I believe if we dare to dream BIG anything is possible! And this is the lesson that I am learning and experiencing and letting it embed deeply in my soul!


  1. congratulations on your sale and hope you get to sell more!

  2. It's so inspiring to see you take these steps !! Fantabulous work and so good to see you smiling in the pictures =) Congrats on selling the original art and keep flying, Eva Diva !

  3. Dear Eva-how absolutely fantastic! I am so very proud of you...and happy that you sold that beautiful painting too:) Every step counts on this path toward your dreams and this is a huge one!!
    Yes, I do look like boy in that baby was those awful bowl haircuts back then! I would LOVE to read some of your poetry some day. I used to write tons...some of it is pretty morbid and some of it is just well to be quite frank...BAD! But one of the things about the writing process is practice makes a diiference.


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