Monday, August 30, 2010

Trip to Malacca-historical city of Malaysia

I must thank all of you for your encouraging comments that filled my heart with love. And I do remember that though there are obstacles and challenges, there are also the other side to it if I pay attention. Like friends who care and try their best to comfort and support me. I've come to understand how during times of crisis the precious-ness of friends whom I can trust and rely upon even more deeply during this phase of my life. And you who have been following my blog, I write for myself and I write for you, in writing and sharing my thoughts, vulnerabilities, snippets of my life, I am so glad that I have this space that I could share safely, and knowing that at the end of the day you all care.

All is well in my world.

Went to this charming historical town in the coutry call Malacca yesterday. Found this inside a restaurant, old typewriter. semi-torn non-functional lantern. A kind of forgotten beauty. Romantic and a little sad that time has left them behind.

Colourful transport, decorated wildly with an abundance of flowers. It's call a trishaw.Portugese settlement, facing the ocean. The popular straits of Malacca where traders used often during the British colonization times. Watching the sunset, releasing worries to the sea, friends, delicious Portugese food. Everything feels like it is going to be okay.
Love pictures of feet, it says (shared) adventure, journey, experience. Mine is the one in green pants. Bought the shoe there, love how ethnic it looks.

River cruise. History is painted on the buildings.
One of my best friend from university, Ayushna and her "borrowed joy" from the kid next table where we dine. The dog is heart-melting adorable-ness. Its fur felt like that of a cuddly teddy bear you would hang on to to give you a good night's sleep.

Ayushna and Li Yien tried the fish spa near the quay. Despite the "silent please" sign, both were giggling non-stop from the itchiness when the fish crowded in to "feed" on their feet. There's a theory that the more fish that comes for your feet, the more dead skin you have. I've tried it and it's super itchy though fun so I passed this time round.

I had a really great time catching up with friends and having fun. It's funny how like art, adults need to learn how to play. I am re-learning, hopefully I'll become rather masterful in the near future. I hope all of you took the time to recuperate, rest, explore, play.

Sending you lots of love..


  1. Good to see you in pictures, Eva =)
    The forgotten beauty.. the old typewriter.. I like that !

  2. Dear Eva-I am so so so glad that you have revived your spirits...sometimes we just need to step away and take care of ourSELVES. You had the wisdom to do that and I can see your spirit shining through! I loved looking at these pics and reading about your adventures...I LOVE LOVE LOVE that old typewriter. You are right is a little sad and forlorn...I wonder about the person who first owned it...what kind of a life they had and what happened to them. I would love to own a really old typewriter like beautiful. I also love your "feet" pics....and yes, those sandals are super cute? Did you buy them in an Indian store? Also...I have heard about the fish spa but I didn't think I could do that:) It must be kind of giggly scary exciting all at once:) And your trishaw pic reminded me of when I visited India...they have tuk tuks there and , in some places, rickshaws. Those are pretty bad...usually there is a really skinny kid pulling a whole load of people. It really broke my haert to see a human being doing such backbreaking labor.
    I also wanted to comment on the last time you wrote on my blog...I am so proud of you for taking on this perspective dear Eva. Things happen to all of us...loss, betrayal, is part of life. But I think we have a choice on how we look at things. I have been accused of being idealistic, naive, a Pollyanna about my perspective...but I believe it takes courage and strength to see the lessons we have to learn. Sure we can be angry and bitter for a time...but I have seen people stuck in this place and it changes who they are. You are very wise and sweet...a powerful combination! How is your Etsy stuff coming along? I opened my shop a few days ago still researching printers! I have it down to 2 different ones and hopefully will order it this weekend. Great to have you back with us Eva! xxx

  3. dear eva-YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED!! THe questions are at the end of my long post. I am taking the weekend off computers but will stop by early on next week...I can't wait to read your answers:)

  4. Dearest sweeet Eva, so so HAPPY to know that all is well! Sometimes a good rest, sweet love and support from family and friends are what we all need.
    I am a HUGE fan of Melacca, i guess it's beause of it's history and all the gorgeous treasures we could find there! Such fun to see you in photos! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


  5. Thank you for the super sweet comments you have left on my blog. This is a wonderful post btw! I have often wondered what those little fishies would feel like after seeing them on Oprah one day!

  6. Dear Eva, So great to hear that you had a wonderful trip to Malacca!! I visited a couple of years ago and I loved the history & the trishaws! (Jacqueline recommended I go there). I've never tried the fish spa & I think I'd be giggling too! Take care, Wini xo


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