Monday, January 31, 2011

The NEW Wild Woman

With the coming Spring festival, traditionally Malaysia being near the equatorial zone is very very hot. But due to climate change, the weather has gone topsy-turvy. It was raining the whole day on Sunday and even some more drizzling on Monday. Even though it was so cold and wet and a nuisance to go out, but the fact that I was stranded at home does nothing to dampen my mood into NOT making art!

In fact, the rain somehow quietens down everything and refresh something in the air and the surrounding and I felt any residue of negativity washed away and ready to create new and fresh beginnings. So I took out the sketch of the owl woman and change it and surprised myself that some of the roughness and seeming murkiness of the previous piece was transformed!

The older version of The Wild Woman I did last week.

The latest and transformed re-do version of The Wild Woman.

I love to see and be aware of the changes I was going through in repainting something and realizing there's so much potential of growth in art, as signifying the potential too in me as a person. There's certainly more light and strength in this piece. A friend on facebook saw this piece and I felt a beautiful connectedness with what she said about it:

I thought me being a little too stark naked honest about the intensity I was feeling about this creative journey was a little too overwhelming to take for you kindred spirits here, but am totally overwhelmed with gratitude and gladness that you guys leave so much encouragement and support in return. Your kindness and your brave hearts really expands the love I have for my work and this community even more.

Thank you so so much!For me, I believe all of you, especially you who I knew to be pursuing your heart's urge of creativity, is like the wise wild woman I painted, very wise,very divine and with lots of magical powers!

On a brighter note, Here's wishing you Happy Spring Festival, may only the bestest kind of joy blossoms in your life!

In the spirit of combining the celebration of this festive season and art, I went to do some nail art with all the elements of Spring-ness in it!I am feeling totally in the mood now! The manicurist is very good with details and from his work his passion for his work shows!


  1. Dear Eva, I too love the cleansing rain! I LOVE how you've re-worked your painting. The new painting is really powerful and strong! I love the wild woman theme. Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Spring and wishing you all the best on your creative journey following your heart! Wow, I LOVE your nails too! So bright and colourful! :)

  2. Dearest sweet eva, i hope how you express yourself and your words are always soo inspiring! :) I love the rain when im home especially when im working in my little studio. That new painting is really gorgeous and i actually love it lots! I hope you had a wonderful chinese new year and your nail art is gorgeous!! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!



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