Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not a (Fame Monster)

Latest Artpiece: Have dreams, Will Travel

Since internalizing the statement "I am artist" and blurting it out very naturally everytime someone asked me what I do, I have been getting responses like "Do remember me when you're famous". I am flattered when people think I have what it takes to be famous and associate me with fame. But the importance of it really eludes me.

As an artist, I do wish my gifts, hard work and creativity get recognized. It will be wonderful if in the near future, people who come across my artwork could immediately know it's painted by me. To see that each piece has some Eva in it.

Yet I do not seek or crave celebrity status. I am grateful to myself for being someone who is on the whole very simple. I love the quietness and stillness surrounding the moments of making art. I love the silence of being in my own time of reflections. I love alone times but I am not a loner, I need and cherish the balance of close and meaningful relationships, which is immensely important for me as I spend alot of time working alone.

I always am very grateful to understand and be taught from a very young age, that seeking happiness from external sources like fame and material luxuries are delusional. I know at the age of 27, that there are still so much to learn. I know rather instinctively that even though the world feeds on glamour and making art seems to be very glamorous, but when it boils down to the heart's wisdom, all these doesn't matter. It's just simply about doing what you love, because that's the purpose of living.

I do think as creative beings, we deserve to get rewarded abundantly for our works. I do see myself earning more as time goes by because that would mean a constant improvement of my art and a better mastery of the craft. I believe in going with the flow, and money has never been a big issue for me, even though I am still learning the art of pricing my work, or learning how much of value do I see myself having so as not to under or overcharge.

I pray that if I do get popular in the future, I will remember to remain authentically me and not be swayed by fame or wealth, and always remember that the things that matter, are free and are usually just within me. And pray that I will never, ever forget that.


  1. Hello dearest sweet eve! So gald i found my way back to your on this new year! This is truly a beautiful piece and i really could relate to all that you mention here! Wishing you LOVE and JOY this new year! Thanks so much for the love, support and blessing you sent my way! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!


  2. Oh this is such an inspiring and motivational post !!! I was nodding on every single line... as if you were talking right in front of me =)
    You'll get rewarded abundantly for sure and you deserve it !! Thanks for the sweet comment on my painting, Eva ! xoxoxo

  3. Dear Eva-I am so glad that the New Year finds you back at your art...creating and putting your heart out into the world. It just feels so good when we are doing what we are supposed to know it in your heart and it manifests in your art. xxx

  4. Dear Eva, I love this delightful painting and there is so much wisdom in your words. Its important to remain grounded and create from your heart, because that is what people will respond to!! Wini xo

  5. Dearest sweet eva, came by to see you and also to look at your beautiful paintings again. :) Oh yes we should totally meet up and do some shopping and tea/coffee together! Have a lovely merry happy holiday sweeet friend! Love to you!



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