Monday, January 3, 2011

Healing with colours

My resolution for 2011 is to go very deep into the healing prowess of art. I am in very full gratitude to my art therapy teacher Cornelius for creating and giving a safe space for me and my fellow participants to express ourselves, to do healing work with colour therapy and best of all, to have fun in the mean time.

It was a meaningful start of the new year and we come together on the first 2 days to participate in his teacher training workshops. I really wished to be able to combine art and art therapy together, to be able to paint and pursue this passion and at the same time add value to my work by exploring the healing gifts in art and colours.

I feel that more people should have the chance to get exposed to art therapy because it is a non-intrusive way of healing. I have heard and read stories about terminally ill patients who got well from expressing themselves with art. I hope to get involved with community and do this work together. So far I have the support and encouragement of my fellow colour therapy companions who promised they could commit. Now it's about enough daydreaming about the possibilities and just DO IT!

I have always thought the creative process is very feminine. Giving birth to new creations. Expressing fluid ideas. Intuitively tuning into emotions. During the class I chose this colours combination and as I did a painting using only these 2 colours, I realized how much I longed for the divine feminine, to be in touch with my inner goddess and to be able to create from that space of great cosmic significance and awareness, and dip into the endless resources of the great mystery.

Colour combination: Turquoise and Magenta. Both very feminine colours for me.

Turquoise reminds me of the ocean, water has always been a female element, deep, mysterious, fluid, complex, holding great treasures under the sea bed, potentially turbulent and dangerous, at the same time peaceful and serene. Healing.

Magenta symbolizes sensuality, the female body, passion, the divine, love from above.

The message of the card: To realize that beauty surrounds us. If we but open our eyes to it.

I realized how I longed to feel nurtured and protected by the divine feminine, to have faith that the Universe loves and takes care of me unconditionally. I'm the child who wants to be embraced fully by the feminine energy, to rest in her arms and to go with the flow. The divine feminine, or the infinite wisdom of the Universe is a picture of great unconditional love, with wings signifying her heavenlike disposition and mermaid tail which tells her deep connection with nature, ocean an earth. I know my lesson is to loosen up my grip and the tendency to control things and to trust more in the process.

It is a huge lesson, and I'm learning to swim in the life in progress gracefully and to give up resistance.
What about you? It will be great if you too dwell in the healing qualities consciously and see what the colours are trying to tell you! It's easy for women because we're so intuitive, I suggest you paint with two colours and hear for yourself the message it has for you!


  1. Dear Eva-first of all-I want to wish you a very very happy new yaer-full of hope and promise, good health and love, creativity unleashed and...healing too!
    Thank you so much for your very kind words...and well wishes. I really have appreciated all of your love and support this past year-you have been amazing!!
    I love your idae of the healing colors...I can't paint right now but the colors I would choose are blues and greens with tiny flecks of pink and yellow. I think they would soothe me:) xxx Glad you are back to blogging!!

  2. i started making art to heal myself emotionally from my mothers and sisters deaths from cancer and other emotional traumas in my life...ART HEALS! it truly does...
    i hope you find your passion to be a way to make a living...what a blessing that would be!

  3. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.
    may 2011 be arty, healing and very colourful.
    sparkle & twirl

  4. hi eva, inspiring. art is indeed for the heart in all expressions. to heal, to love, to spread joy and create peace. glad that you've found your way and may you gather all your strength and spirit for your passion. you go girl!

  5. Beautiful post Eva! I am not sure what colours I would paint with. I start out with some and then nearly always end up with something else!

  6. Eva-Women Who Run Withthe all time fave book that inspires and feeds and encourages and...Sending you love and hugs ...hope you are busy


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