Friday, January 21, 2011

A Full-on Art Geek

What thrills me better to come across a good book because I am such a nerd is randomly using google search engine and coming across gems of artists who produced breath-taking artworks which inspire the living daylights out of me!

Mara Friedman was one of this rare gem I discovered today and her paintings just spell DIVINE!

I love that the women in her artworks exudes such grace, beauty, sensuality, humanity yet at the same time also portrays strength, spirit and divinity. I absolutely love the way she uses colours. There is a very transcendental element in her drawings, almost other worldly.
Going through her webpage, I read "about the artist" session and that she has been creating paintings that honor the Feminine aspect of Spirit and shares her deep appreciation for the exquisite beauty that surrounds us all with her works.
I love that she doesn't seemed to have any professional training in art yet it was through spiritual awakening, or what Brene Brown would jokingly call "the breakdown" phase. Do listen to Brown's talk here about the power of vulnerability, it's absolutely touching.
Mara's story is that she started painting after quitting her unfulfilling work and finding deep rest and rejuvenation in the island of Hawaii. (Please, can I just take the next plane to this gorgeous paradise I have so often heard of being the place of awakening for many people?)
I love that female artists like Mara reminds me that there is an inner artists that call to us, that we do not need to conform to how societal rules about learning a skill and being good at it. I love that we share something in common like this, it gives me hope and courage. Sometimes I think I had an disadvantage and I can't compete with the "real" artists out there who went to universities and had a degree that confirms their identity as an artist. Already painting seems so obscure a profession, what more being a self-taught one. (My mind can really play tricks in creating all these self-doubting thoughts!)
So so so with the great invention of Internet which I so rely on nowadays, I am sharpening my googling skills and getting all the information from "how to paint with oil pastels and ink" and attending e-courses and letting kindred spirits uplift my soul, I am affirming to myself that I am okay and I am enough being a self-taught artist and exploring mediums through trials and errors!
I tell myself that I have what it takes, I shall keep painting, I shall keep making a mess and get new canvases and experiment and my artwork shall improve constantly, and as an artist and a person I shall too!


  1. What a fabulous post Eva! I really love finding self-taught artists too... me, being one of them., I really enjoyed learning about Mara's work and find her work to inspire me greatly. Thanks for sharing her work here.
    We all talk to ourselves negatively and it's hard to trust our gifts when we have no real training! I say training-shmayning! Experience art the way your heart leads you and your passion will come out, that is a true artist!
    Big hugs to you m'dear.
    Happy Creating!

  2. Oh Eva-you know what? I loooove self-taught artists soooo much better!! When I was in Indis, I went to a Folk Art Museum with the most amazing pieces of soul filled art...and they were all self taught! So was Van Gogh too BTW:) I think it's great that you are taking classes and painting and googling...just let it pour from your your work Eva and the rest will take care of itself! Oh! I have a post on Courage that I have been working on...I will post it next week. I think it addresses some of what you talk about here...Dr. Brene Brown also said something is easy to criticize but very difficult to put oursELVES out there like we do. xxx

  3. Dearest sweet eva, that is such a fabulous post!! It's so inspiring and very uplifting. :) I admire sel-taught artists lots! Thanks so much for sharing her story and work here with us! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


  4. Dear Eva-just wanted to stop by and tell you I think Courage as a lion is AWESOME!!! thanks you soooo much for all your very kind words on my blog. And keep creating and painting and living your dream:) xxx

  5. Eva ! This post is so touching and encouraging !!! I echo everything you said ! I keep nodding again while reading LOL =)
    You might already know but have you been to following website?
    You can rent the video and watch at a fairly great price on all kinds of materials. I think I rented and watched most of mixed media workshops and they are very helpful. You learn something new from every one of them. They sell it as DVD but it's pricey, so renting it through this website is good. Boo for me if you already knew this website =)
    Keep rocking on, Eva and hope you're not completely fainted !! ;)) Thanks for such sweet comment on my painting ! xoxoxo

  6. dear Eva-thank you ever so much for visiting my blog and all the very kind commenst you leave. I hope you are well-cooking up new paintings, dreaming, loving, enjoying every minute of this creative journey! xxx


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