Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1st Art Display and Serendipitous meeting

The meditation and healing centre "The Golden Space" which I go often to go deeper into my spiritual self had its first anniversary last saturday. While most people had their booths to offer healing and therapy, I had a perpetual calling and whispers in my ears to exhibit my art. I heed it and display my art and it is the first art booth I've ever organized. My "virgin display" I called it.

I was in doubt, I was worried, I was anxious, I keep thinking "How would it turned out?", "Will people like my paintings?", "Will I feel out of place?", and worse "Will anyone buy anything at all?" These are the questions that haunt me. I decided that my mind is operating from fear and took the stance to let go of these doubts, and just surrender to whatever that will take place.

Turns out that I need not worry at all. Really, everything was smooth-sailing. Even though the sale was slow, yet I realized it is not about being there to make the money. I was there to celebrate the fact that I've come out as an artist, it was a safe space to introduce myself to people who are not necessary art collectors, but people who are interested in their own spiritual journey, who would understand why I paint. To make it even simpler, I was there to be who I am that I've not been acknowledging for the longest time-that I paint, that I am creative.

It was exhilirating, it was also scary, but it was a worthwhile experience. People think my namecard is pretty and they take it and keep it. There is someone who express interest after the art exhibition through email and I am quite over the moon happy. There is a woman who wants me to teach her child how to paint which is cute but which I gently rejected.

I'm happy, because even though I was unsure of the outcome, even though I was scared of rejection, I went ahead and was surprise at my courage and my willingness to take a step further, through decisions like these. More people know that I paint now. It is more official and I am loving the experience of being an "emerging" artist.

I invited Alison who blogs to the event. How Alison and I meet is a very magical story. I have been reading Jen Lemen's blog for as long as I read Kelly Rae's blog. Both of them are close friends in real life, and while Kelly Rae had her Flying Lessons the e-course which I signed up and enjoyed like crazy, Alison took Mondo Beyondo which was co-written by Jen Lemen. I didn't know what happened. I was blog hopping and found Alison and love her writing and her pictures and her life views. Two friends from America bought two strangers in Malaysia together. Ain't that strangely divine? And I also found out that we had a common friend who I used to paint for. This magical coincidences are mind-blowing!

Alison said we made a big round across the globe to make friends back in our homeland. The Universe does have a bizarre sense of humour.

Something in my heart tells me I have to invite Alison to the event. She was exactly as I imagined her to be, only better. In that petite frame of hers was so much gentleness and playfulness, she was sweet and joyous. And upon meeting me and showering me with her warm glow of smiles, she quickly went about taking pictures of my art. We had alot of fun getting to know one another and will meet soon for tea! Can't wait!

I stole these two photos from her blog. Do visit her to say hello.

Me looking serious in glue-ing jeweled studs on an art print.

The Golden Space, Kota Damansara.

Life is magical. I really can't stop acknowledging that. And thank you all of you readers who took the time and trouble to leave your comments on my blog to support and encourage me in my creative journey. I think all these has transformed into power that stays within me to make this art display an empowering and special one!


  1. Eva Diva !! Congrats !!!!!! Reading this post made me So Happy as if I were you and it's really inspiring =) Yes, Life is Magical !! I'm so happy for you, Eva !

  2. this post is amazing eva, so encouraging and full of strength and wisdom. i am so proud of you for putting yourself and your art out there...that is what you are called to do! and to meet alison, how cool is that??!!! i'm jealous it wasn't me!! lol!
    your art looks so, so beautiful...
    all you have to say is true, and i will tuck it in my heart..
    love and hugs to you...

  3. Dear Eva-I am SO proud of you dear Eva. I read your whole post twice. It is so heartwarming and inspiring that you set up your own booth. I also think that you are correct in knowing that the sales are not the important thing right now...what is magical and awesome is that you are declaring yourself an artist! For all the world to see and love and appreciate. That takes haert and courage.
    I am so gald that you met up with Allsion. I too "met" her via her blog and the both of you are SO sweet. Thats' what I love about blogs...all these connections through the haert and spirit! It just cuts through everything.
    I also just adore your business cards...are they from MOO? I love the "art heals heart" on the side. And your girl is beautiful. No owl eyes at all! maybe you can stop by my blog-I wrote a post today about starting up on Etsy. There are some very useful links for...maybe when you start selling on there too. xxx

  4. i'm super duper duper proud of u!!!! big huggss!!!!

  5. That is amazing, congratulations!! :) I just love your artwork! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet words and book suggestion! You know what is funny is that I realized my mom had gotten me that book a couple years ago! So thank you for the reminder, I will definitely go look through it again! :) ~Lauren

  6. Thanks for the nice comments on my paintings. Your artwork is lovely and has such wonderful colors. So vibrant.

    <3 Laura Beth

  7. Dearest Eva, i am sooo proud and happy for you!! This post is truely inspiring. Making art is not so much about making money. Making art is about celebration, fulfilling our creativity and bring inspiration into our lives. I love reading your story on how you meet your lovely friend, Alison!

    Oh i have wondeful news!! My fancy wearable cuteness are up for sale at Delactable by Su shops both at Garden’s and Pavillon KL! I hope you find them lovable in person if you get a chance to visit! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


  8. dear Eva-you live in Malaysia right? yes, shipping may be tough but I think it's doable. I am looking at shipping options too and I think I am only going to be able to ship to Canada and within the U.S.!! Its a lot of learning and tough decisions but...I know you can do it!! I also think that bloglsnd puts us with people like us...kindreds. XXX

  9. Hello,
    I saw your work on Alison's blog and I love your art!
    You do beautiful work!
    Have a great day,

  10. I am teary eyed after reading this ... so SO excited for you and inspired by your bravery and passion. You stepped into your light and claimed your space as an artist! Bravo! The love and joy shine from your work and it is thrilling to witness the blooming of your creativity and spirit here. Thank you for lighting the way for those of us still a bit timid and shy ...

    xo Lis

  11. Wow Eva! Congrats and a big YAY for you!!!!

  12. Dear Eva-I am SO SO SO happy that you have decided to open up a shop on Etsy!!! YAY for Eva!!! What I have found very useful is to focus on one section at a I work on my shipping policies for a couple of days and then my banner and then...That way I don't get too overwhelmed and burned out. also-if you google "how to sell on Etsy" "how to take pics for Etsy" will come upon some great and fantastic articles that are loaded with info. There are also communities and forums on Etsy but I have not had a chance to get to them yet. I am SO SO SO proud of you are making this happen!!! And thank you SO much for all the wonderful comments you have left on my is so very appreciated.XXX


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