Saturday, July 24, 2010

You are... an Angel

Everytime after I finished any painting, I am so happy I'll twirl around the room, do a little dance, get really silly and say things like "You pretty little thing" as I shower flying kisses to the artwork. It is a really vain thing to do but I can't help but be really proud of myself. The sense of accomplishment that swells so full within and my heart enveloped with joy to see another beautiful artwork that I've made. Did I really made this? Was I capable of being artistic? And then the answer is right in front of me, there's no denying it, a new baby was born from my hands. And I know they are precious and beautiful because I have made them with alot of love, dedication and devotion.
I wanted to print a little note to say on the painting "I knew about your secret identity, you were an angel sent to love me" but decided against it because it's too long. And the painting is too colourful for anything else. Sigh
I thought the quote was pretty sweet. Was sad that I've to let that go.
My message for this weekend for my lovely readers is this, "I do know who you were from the start, you are an angel, you hide your wings but your loveliness and kindness shows".
Sending lots of love and hugs to all of you. Get rested and recharge for the week ahead!


  1. How SWEET !! Your angel is every so pretty and DIVA for sure ! =)
    Even without the message, I think the painting speaks itself and shows much of loveliness and kindness ! When I come to your blog, your "Turn Off the Computer, Make Art" button catches my eyes.. lol but I just wanted to leave you a lovely comment on your beautiful painting LOL
    You have a wonderful lovely weekends, Eva !

  2. Dearest sweet eva, this painting is gorgeous and i think it's my new favorite from you! I love that you do a little ritual after you've accomplished a goal! I do that too ~ i have a little rital of my own after i finish a project. hehe Glad i am not alone in this! Loving your message! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


  3. Oh eva i also forgot to mention that we have the same dream of living in a cottage and i do love similar books and movies and that movie "The secret garden" is one of my favorite! Love to you!


  4. Dear Eva-I love your quote and your painting is darling! You should be proud of your accomplishments-it is NOT vain. It is loving and accepting the fullness of who we are. And I still think you hould open up your Etsy shop-it is scary (I KNOW!!) but a little step at a time...much love to you and yours. YOU are an angel-your wings are just hidden:)

  5. I LOVE this painting, I really do! It's beautiful and fun. And i love that you do a little dance, etc when you finish a piece. You should, It's a great accomplishment. I'm loving your work more and more.

    Take care my friend,

  6. she is absolutely pretty! :) love it!

  7. she's beautiful! love your paintings!
    dear, dear!

  8. Dear Eva, what a beautiful, joyful & precious painting! I love the quote too. Its a wonderful feeling to finish a painting and doing a happy dance is a great way to celebrate. Wishing you a great week! :)

  9. i think i've fallen in love! she is beautiful and god i love her eyes!

    note : i had to edit this post to tell u that i had to type 'elobing' before i can post up my comment and it sounds like 'eloping' apt when i just said i've fallen in love with your angel and i'm mere mortal so we have to 'elope' hehe

  10. Hi Eva! She is definitely a piece to be dancing and blowing kisses to. Wonderful work! Love the quote you shared with us. Thanks so much for your sweet visit!

    Creative Blessings, Lisa :)

  11. Hi Eva, so creative painting I really like so much, it's so beautiful in a way hard to describe


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