Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Card" to the chase- I am an artist

I am so happy, and before I stumble down from cloud 9 from being too high, I like to share with you the highlight of this week. Remember the painting below, it was painted (with heavy loads of love and delight) for my sister as a birthday gift in June. I love the painting so much that I decided to use it for my artist business card. I got it printed last week.

(The original artwork)

(Isn't this absolutely gorgeous, cute and delightful?)

Jin, my best friend cum healer/art therapist/breatheworker cum designer (you can tell he is insanely brilliant), helped me with the design of this card. (I used the artwork for one side of the card and my details, with matching colours on the other side) So far the feedback I got from my friends are that this is by far the prettiest name card they've ever seen, and they want to just keep it secured and safe in their purse/wallet. One girl says this is like a miniature art print. I am so so so flattered.

But I must not forget to thank Jin, he helped me so much in the concept of the card and the arrangement of the words, types of fonts and the colours combination too!

I feel like I am really taking flight now, the artist card confirms something for me, and is a reflection that I am moving forward, with alot of courage and blind innocence (which is absolutely good) It is a representation of my hope, my determination, my fearlessness, that I am serious about making my dreams as a artistic and creative woman come true!I feel like I am re-affirming my identity and feeling empowered as I look at the beauty of these cards and giving them out to people, and telling everyone "I am an artist, I make inspirational and healing art".

So empowering. Thank you everyone of you out there who have been so supportive in my artistic journey. Every of your word counts as they help push me forward.

(Veggie Delite sandwich from Subway)

Another thing I'm very proud to announce is that I've been having two consequtive vegetarian dinners since the full moon. This is part of an effort I've made to save mother earth. (More meat, more carbon dioxide output). I still do find it hard to resist the temptation of glorious meat but I'm doing my best. So far I told myself at least one vegetarian meal per day. Breakfast is easy. Because it's usually bread, milo or oats. But it's something more challenging when eating with family because we're too used to having at least fish or chicken to complement rice.

I decided to start my vegetarian diet per meal a day on full moon because it's the best time to release the old and start something new. I almost bought a chicken/turket sandwich because my mind was playing tricks on me, it says "are you sure Eva? You'll be likely to get hungry reallllll fast." So I told it to shut up and said I'm going to stick with the plan to go green and order the veggie sandwich.

Subway and The fruit store (right beside one another)
I was afraid the sandwich could not last, so I bought mangos from this fruit store beside subway (how apt for vegetarians!) I was surprise that I did not feel hungry after the sumptuous vegetarian meal! So on the second day after full moon, I went for a vegetarian diet again, this time I bought my stainless-steel container to take-away these,

Vegetables, mushrooms, beancurd skin. It was yummylicious, and I feel light after the meal and happy to make another meal vegetarian!I hope you Go Green with me and consider having more vegetarian meals with me! I am making the vow to be as Green as much as I can!


  1. oh yes, your new bizcard is absolutely beautiful! love it! yay! for flying! i've been witnessing many artist "flying" lately :) inspiring!

    oh goodie, if we meet, i have a new vegie kaki :) definitely greens for me please.

    thank you for your invitation. if all is well and i am free on that that, yes, i'd love to come and meet you and see your art! i'll let you know when it's close to the date ya. can i bring my camera and take photos?

    my personal email: alisonkoh[at] lets connect!

  2. Love your new business card it's so pretty!

  3. Dearest Eva, that is now my favorite painting from you! :) And omg your card is gorgeous and i really love every detail of it! Yes i want one too! I love my greens too and subway is our (the mister and me) favorite! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


  4. The card looks awesome ! You and your friend are quite the talented duo !
    Love the go veg once a day at least thing. Little steps bring big changes as they say ! Brava !

  5. That card is absolutely gorgeous, Eva !
    I love the title you put there more than anything !!

  6. your new card is wonderful. You are so lucky to have talented friends to help.
    Now about being vegetarian. My husband has been meat free since 2004. But it has been harder for me. So I allow myself 4 meat meals a month. But I think in July I only ate meat twice. So I am getting there. I find when I make a food "off limits" it just causes me to crave it more.
    I think this is my first visit to your blog, I found you through Kelly Rae's course.
    You have a lovely blog and your paintings are so vibrant and alive. I'll be back for more.

  7. I LOVE the new cards! Gorgeous! Looks like you and your friend Jin make a great creative team, like me and my husband! Thank you for your wonderful comments, they give me needed encouragement and let me know I'm going in the right direction. Thank you.

  8. finally! be sure to keep me one! it's too pretty!

    i admire your strength and determination in your go green mini campaign...i should start too! soon :)

  9. Dear Eva-I absolutely ADORE your business card!! IT is simply stunning! You have given me some great ideas for mine as well-I am going to get some printed up soon. I think it's great how printing these up and declaring yourself an artist has caused great mental shifts in you! And with that...the Universe will open up.
    Yes, I really loved the book Women, Food and God. I just finished it and it is really eye opening. We live in such a weight obsessed culture...especially all the demands placed on women. I guess to some degree, it's like that all over the world. Let me know how you like the book so far-I would love to discuss it with you:)

  10. P.S. I also love your new banner-it is so beautiful and bright nad welcoming and ARTISTIC!!!


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