Sunday, July 11, 2010

Have Wings, Will FLY

ART heals, and it does make a difference to a person's life. Be it the artist herself, or the person who connects to her art.

My dreams many years ago, if I couldn't make it as an artist, I'll take a course in art therapy to use art to help people heal their hearts. I worked part time in a healing centre call the "Angel Caster", where I was exposed to an art therapist which is very intuitive, funny and talented. My heart blossoms with the knowledge that art not only inspires people, but a trained art therapist can help facilitate to help a person get in touch with a wound and heal it. Art speaks a very unique kind of language, where words sometimes fail to do so, art is able to bring a subconscious or unconscious thought up to surface.

Above is the "issue" I have claiming my identity as an artist, the flower is how I feel about myself, colourful, yet in the stalk where my heart is, it's enveloped in brown and grey, connoting self-doubt and perhaps, fear. So Jin, my best friend who is also a practising healer, and my facilitator for that session, asks me to close my eyes and visualise all the colours I need enveloping me lovingly. After the short meditation, I drew a bird.

She is lovely. With the same colours from the flower. And the brown and the grey are GONE! But Jin was quick to point out that the bird has still a hint of sad and doubtful and frightful expression. He asks me to draw and paint another one to get the bird flying at home but I have not done so. I joined the art therapy class level 2 few months back. And I have not bothered to give my birds flying wings. Today, I thought suddenly this artwork, and this is in sync with Kelly Rae's words of wisdom "Taking Flight". So I took out my crayons and give my bird wings to fly.

And give her a sacred heart where her chest is, and give her a smile!

Jin (On the right) My best friend and a quirky + intuitive healer. He is such a compassionate soul.

Charmaine (on the left) Another gifted healer. Sweet selfless soul. She's a new mum!

Cornelius, my art therapist-teacher! Something we (the student) said tickle his funny bone! He laughs so boldly. Art therapy makes you get in touch with your inner child.

For those of you who might be interested in art therapy, this is how you can do it.
1.) Draw and paint your issue. Be it fear of expressing your true self, the feeling of lack, anger towards someone. Anything. Get in touch with that uncomfortable emotion. Use crayons to express that. I suggest crayons because it has a smooth and rich texture, making it easy for your expression.

2.) Upon finishing it, take a look.

3.) Stand up or sit in a meditation pose (Do as you feel comfortable). Visualise colours that you feel could help heal it pour onto your body like rain. (I like to raise my hands up as if the colours are physically showering down on me)

4.) When you are ready and feel it is done, open your eyes. Notice how you feel. Better? (Do the visualisation again if you feel it's not sufficient)

5.) Now that you're done, draw another picture of the new healed you. Take baby steps, one issue at a time.

Art therapy is very empowering, and it is fun to do, especially for people like me who love playing with colours, who breathe, talk and walk ART!

I've been brave in suggesting art therapy in a DIY mode, yet I know it's always far better to have someone guide us and point the way for us, especially if you want to go deeper into awakening your potential and healing any negativity that you might or might not be aware of. So I suggest it will be better if you do some research on any centres around your area that offers such course!
Art is so therapeutic, and I dare say artist are healers too in offering their artwork to heal the world!Here's wishing you a joyous and fulfilling week ahead!


  1. I really agree with your that art heals! Your dream sounds beautiful! Art therapy sounds really uplifting! Thank you so much for sharing it here and sharing your dream with us! I love your DIY art therapy!! Really inspiring! Have a lovely merry happy rest of the sunday and lots of love to you!


  2. hi hi babe,
    i couldn't agree more! you & jin are blessings in my life and i just can't imagine not having you darlins around as i explore my own inspiring journey to reach my be happy ;)

  3. I am proof that this is so true!

  4. What a great idea...I think it's a bit like visual get your emotions out there on the paper and can work through it all!

  5. Dear Eva-thank you so much for sharing this whole process with us. I agree-art heals and mends and gives us many gifts. I have never really looked into art therapy but...this is really fascinating.
    Yes, while each artist may express themselves differently, there is so much similarity re. our actual process. Thank you so much for all the kind comments you have left on my means so much.

  6. that is such a great post- so glad i stopped in here today. that bird with the wings looked so joyous!! :)


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