Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Conscious Breathing, Conscious Living

(2nd artwork of the series of 4 of Owl Women)

A breathwork session with Jin has made me realized how the way I breathe is so intimately connected to the way I live.

During the session where I was breathing consciously, I noticed how I grasped for air and choke as I inhale. It shows how I tend to grasp at things. It's funny how life patterns are so immediately and apprently obvious just by noticing your breath. Before this, my breath is rather shallow and rush and short. And Jin told me that the breath doesn't go beyond my legs, which perhaps is a telltale sign how I always feel reluctant in taking actions, or is slow in executing my plans and feel like results take forever to arrive.

I am loving this new practice now, breathing consciously. Whenever I am stressed I immediately returns to my breathing, absolutely enjoying the way fresh air rushing into my lungs and enjoying releasing whatever my body holds on to through exhaling; whether it is toxic thoughts or negative emotions.

It is so simple, yet I am sure many people overlook this destressing technique. Of simply coming back to being aware of their breathing. And letting the worries, the anxiety, the bother and chaotic chatter of the mind falls away.

A dear friend shared her wisdom in her blog saying how "Every breath truly counts." Indeed.
Things has been pretty quiet yet busy for me as I hide in the cave of my hermit shell working away on artworks. It was a very good distraction from the routine last saturday when I visited darling art and craft maker Alison who had a booth at the handmade market at Empire Subang.
Can I please state the obvious that her display is very, very chic, clean yet lovely and warm. I love how she painted the branches white and use this gift of nature to hang angels. So so so creative! I love one of her rock painting that says "LOVE ROCKS!" Awesome & clever play of words! and the rock animals are just uber cute! I got an elephant and a "love rocks" rock!

I am looking a little blur because I was decluttering the whole day and woke up from a long late afternoon nap and went straightaway to see Alison. I am so so so proud of her coming out to sell her crafts! It is one thing to paint and create things and an entire different thing altogether to brave the crowd and sell to potential customers! I am kicking my own bum to work things a little quicker. Hopefully, in a month's time I'll set up my Etsy account. I've so much to learn, so much to do, so much to experience and so so much to experiment!

Thank you for being an inspiration Alison!Love to hear that I help lift your spirit in coming to visit you! Your art makes me smile too! They reflect your adorable-ness!


  1. Dearest sweet eva, thanks so much for this sweet reminder to breath! Something that i needed to hear since times a little stressful over at my side but im so glad i could relax a little now. :) DUH i can't believe i missed you at the Empire craft market! I was there too visiting sweet Alison! And yes i totally LOVE her table setting so much!!! she is a really sweet, lovely and very talented! :) So happy to be back visiting and catching up! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


  2. Hi, Eva ! I love your owl woman painting !! Good to see you in the picture. So good to read your blog always and this time, you reminded me how important breathing is...especially after the tsunami and earthquake disaster in Japan.. I do wish I can go to Arts & Crafts fair this summer... just need to make lots and handmades take long time.. oh well =) We'll see ! Big hugs ! xoxoxo

  3. I've just popped over from Alison's blog. I'm so happy the two of you managed to find each other. I love Alison's work, actually have some of her handmade paper. And now, I've found your awesome artwork...I am looking forward to seeing more of your Owl Woman.

    Great to see you and Alison in the photo!!

  4. Eva-I love that you are in (mostly) hermit mode...painting away. And so nice of you to visit Alsison:) Yes, it takes so much courage to put ourSELVES out there...but we must and we will. Love your new painting style and ..great to see the pic of you both together:)


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