Friday, February 18, 2011

Sassy Saturday with Creative Siren-Jin

I was reading an interview of kindred spirit artist and blogger Soraya in Diana's blog and suddenly a thunder bolt of idea strikes me and made me realized how I'm surrounded by many wonderful and artistic people in my life and how I've never truly tell them how much I appreciate their creativity and talent.

So, in the attempt to acknowledge these beautiful people in my life, I decided to interview them myself to get them to share their creative talents and processes which I am sure will inspire the rest who are finding ways to express themselves too!

I'm calling these interview series "Sassy Saturday with Creative Sirens" aiming to dig deeper into the stories and wisdom of my creative friends!

Can you believe it? Jin, my best friend, is a certified therapist, an artist, a graphic designer. (I am pretty sure he is hiding a few more tricks and talents under his sleeves). He is multitalented and so so so creative! I am a witness to his compassionate brave big heart which he share in his therapy work with his client. I am amazed by the characters that seem to come alive in his drawings, whether it is a nymph, an island fox, a pixie, an elf, a faery. He could simply draw divinity into an apple. I am so so so proud as a friend to have such a talented soul by my side!

Q1.) Tell us a little about yourself and your passion in your work. How do you manage your multi-interests?

A1.) It is not so much about managing, but it is more like I designed my life to be like that by accident. 7 years back I only knew that I want to spend my life doing things I love. So little by little, after some great years of hustling, I somehow made my life this way.It is no small feat for sure, as it can be incredibly stressful. I just take it 15 minutes at a time, not thinking about the future nor the past to the best of my ability.

Q2.) 3 words to describe you. Another 3 to describe you artwork!

A2.) The 3 words to describe me would be quirky, crazy, weird and adventurous. hahaha...that's an extra!The 3 words that describe my artwork would be quirky, fun, whimsical and juicy. That's an extra again!

Q3.) What inspires you? Or who? Where do you seek inspiration?

A3.) It's hard to say what inspires me, but I do know I like things that fascinate my ADD brain. It has to be shocking and out of the ordinary. Being colourfool, being whimsical, being poetic or even just down right mind blowing is really inspiring.I seek a lot of my inspiration from other illustrators, designers and artist. They are from all over the world. Some are Peruvian, Brazilian, Spanish, Japan, Canadian. Some are from disney. I look for a whimsical, sensual, childlike qualities in their work. ;)

Q4.) What kind of medium(s) do you use?

A4.) I use a lot of water color, clay, and acrylic paint. The only things I can paint with are Chinese brushes. I also use computer programs like Adobe Illustrator to do my work.I am one of the artistes who like their living spaces clean. Mess is not really ideal for me. LOL!

Q5.) What does creativity means to you? Do you apply it anywhere else?

A5.) Creativity to me really means a way of life, not just any life, my life. Therefore, I definitely use it in every area of my life, to express qualities and fun that can make me happy. Hopefully it can make other happy too.

Q6.) (On doing healing & making art at the same time) How has each field influence the other?

A6.) To me they are one, as I do art therapy a lot with my clients. They are literally one. To be able to creatively express a problem, touching it, feeling it be it with clay or paints is a huge advantage of truly interpreting the problem. And then being able to creatively express a solution makes the solution much more solid and wonderful. This makes healing much more permanent, as the solution came from the painter's mind. If they can come up with the solution once, they can do it for any other problem.

Thank you Jin for your wonderful time and sharing!I have learnt something from you, once again!=) I hope I have done enough justice with the questions and pictures!


  1. Dear Eva-what a wonderful interview! I love that.."just trying to take 15 mins at a time...not thinking about the past or future"! And thanks for being inspired by my interview!! I love the title of your interview series too:)
    Sorry you were not feeling well-hope you are better now. I found it funny and thought provoking when you talked about the Chinese mindset..working too hard etc. Well...Indians are exactly the same!! I really struggle with taking it gets better as I get older:) Being in the moment-a gift!! I also loved hearing about your girls night out!! Wish I were there. And its' good you are not fretting about a guy!I met my hubby at 36 and got married at 37!!! And had Tara at 40!!! xxx

  2. Dearest sweet eva, awesome interview and very inspiring! Your friend Jin is really talented and im learning so much from him! Thank you for sharing. So happy i took a break from packing madness and came to visit you here! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


  3. and i am thankful to get to know you too dear artist eva :) you paint really beautiful pieces. looking forward to see more.

    inspired by the interview. jin sounds like a really fun guy. and his art is wow! fairy taley. me like.

  4. Inspiring interview, vava! Lup you and Jin long time!


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