Sunday, May 30, 2010


is listening to your heart's whispers, asking you to create from the depth of your soul, from your barehands, from your vision, your imagination, from your courage, and trust, and faith.
Joy- is honouring yourself, your true nature, your dreams, hopes and your fears.
Joy- is learning that whatever you desire, if you are willing to take a leap. Anything is do-able. Anything is possible.
A really close friend, Charmaine, who has been with me throughout my healing and spiritual journey, pointed out that the girl in this artwork is looking back as though acknowledging her past, smiling at the lessons learnt, albeit the hardships and obstacles, despite the heartaches and heartbreaks.
She looks back without regret, only joy, and gratitude, for who is has become.
I really love her observation. She's always sharing her insights and wisdom. She observes quietly, always having ready something encouraging to say.
She's one of the rare gems I treasure having in my life. Her presence is healing, and I can just count on her to listen and acknowledge my stories.


  1. Lovely to hear from you and come and see this beautiful painting. She is full of love and hope. You have such a deep innocence shinning through. Spiritually beautiful!

  2. Dearest Eva, this gorgeous piece and your post made me smile. You are truely amazing with lots of inspiration! I really love the way you write ~ so soothing and genuine.

    I am so excited about the first flying class already. It's so inspiration and fuel me with so much thoughts and ideas. Oh and about your question posted on my little space : for now i am only selling my work on etsy. :) Looking to venture more to the local market in malaysia.

    Have a lovey merry happy week and love to yoU!


  3. one of my fav...i've told u this before but i'm telling u again, she's absolutely adorable!


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